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  • Weather Forecast Interrupted by Windows 10 Upgrade Nag (video)

    One of the most common complaints about Microsoft’s various methods for relentlessly pushing Windows 10 is the upgrade nag screen which can pop up at the most inconvenient times. By default, Windows displays these upgrade prompts at random with scant regard for the user’s workflow. This annoying behavior was on full display recently when the […]

  • Are Older People Useless With Technology?

    According to my stepson I’m old. I’m old because I’m over forty, life is passing me by or already has, I am of little use to society and should seek help at a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland, Holland or preferably one within shuffling distance of where I currently reside. This rather odd train of thought […]

  • Star Wars as You’ve Never Seen it Before (videos)

    Star Wars: Bad Lip Reading The following videos take original Star Wars clips with original characters but change the dialogue into something altogether different. Funny and irreverent, the audio syncing is tremendously well done and the voice impersonations equally so. Not only very clever but also great fun – enjoy!  

  • Windows 10: The Great Conspiracy?

    Who’s spying on you? Spying is usually defined as secretly gaining information about a government, organisation, person(s) etc or to watch secretly, usually for hostile purposes. It’s been going on ever since we decided to take up arms against each other and some now say that the very definition has broadened greatly, to include you, me […]

  • Best Ever Tech Related Fun Images

    A picture is worth a thousand words! I only write about my personal experiences and I seem to running out of them. I’m still fixing computers of course but it seems mostly to be the same old, same old. So this time I’m just going to post some of my favorite pictures from sources like […]

  • Random Images: Humor in Tech, and Life

    Once again, this selection of random images is either courtesy of or inspired by DCT’s recommended download site, MajorGeeks: How not to boot a laptop! Suggested Facebook buttons… Resistance is futile! How Facebook really works! It’s all in the interpretation! Just a quick antivirus update… Understanding your home wi-fi signal… Possible solution: move the router […]

  • Where In The World Is Tech Man?

    Since I know all my loyal fans who love reading my articles are probably wondering where I’ve been for the past month, I thought I’d write a little article explaining what I’ve been up to. What has been going on in my world involves great research and tech work, taking on large and small jobs […]

  • Most Inane Study Conclusion Ever plus Where do the Chinese Hide Their Subs

    Is This the Silliest Study Conclusion Ever? News is circulating about scientists from the Netherlands and Canada who conducted a study of the relationship between alcohol consumption and hangovers. The study came to the brilliant conclusion that ‘the only way to avoid a hangover is to drink less’. No sh*t Sherlock!! <source> If ever there […]

  • Random Photos: Humor in Tech & in Life

    There’s nothing like starting off the week with a little humor, helps with those Monday blues. Here is another selection of random photos courtesy of DCT’s recommended download site MajorGeeks: Critical “page not found” error Cheap iPads!! Cut the blue wire! – Happy SysAdmin day! Pitching underwater? The importance of punctuation! How to install a […]