This will make you laugh!

  • What if Facebook was Real Life

    Just had to share this one with you. It’s a little piece courtesy of Bill Mullins’ Tech Thoughts site with “thanks to Joan”. It’s one I hadn’t seen before and I found it not only very funny but also quite true: Presently, I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same […]

  • Is Soccer The New Football?

    You say tomayto, I say tomarto, you say soccer and I say football. I remember referring to the beautiful game as soccer on a UK forum once and was roundly chastised, even baited for being a namby pamby, yankee loving NFL groupie and would I kindly never refer to the game played with a round […]

  • News Stories You Really Need to Know About

    David Luiz is not a virgin! It’s official,  the Paris Saint-Germain defender has confirmed today that he is not a virgin. The news was broken by The East African Standard and Modern Ghana as the footballer was caught wrong footed by a post he made on Instagram, saying he and his fiancée would ‘wait’. People are saying things […]

  • What Are You #Looking at #Bitch?

    Comments – pleasure or pain? Do you post them, do you read them? Come on, when was the last time you made a comment on YouTube? In fact, when was the last time you made a comment on anything at all on the internet, the hallowed portals of DCT excepted of course. Here’s some of […]

  • Oldies React to Mortal Combat Fatalities

    I love these “reaction” type video clips, from young ‘uns reacting to older technology to older folk reacting to newer technology. In this video, we see how the oldies (referred to more reverently as the “elderly”) react to the popular Mortal Combat X game. As you’d expect, there’s plenty of raised eyebrows, incredulity, and the […]

  • How to Enjoy Online Bureaucracy – Part 2

    The human element Following my earlier article How to Enjoy Online Bureaucracy Part 1, it occurred to me that few subjects manage to bring Average Joes like you and me together in a manner that crosses all boundaries. Of course, some countries have perfected obfuscation and jobs for jobs’ sake to such an art form, […]

  • Random Photos: A little bit of humor in life

    As usual, the following images are courtesy of MajorGeeks, DCT’s recommended download site: As good as it gets – so close! An oxymoron? Where are the grammar police when you need them! Failed privacy shield! A really bad case of pins and needles? It’s a sign!! What’s up dog?  

  • How to Enjoy Online Bureaucracy – Part 1

    Let the internet do the legwork I recently renewed my British passport using the UK Passport Agency’s online application service and since I was well within the expiry date and none of my essential physical characteristics had changed, the process really couldn’t have been simpler and I received my new passport through DHL in less […]