About DCT

By 2006 Dave had fallen into the role of tech support, or “techy go to guy” for most of his friends, family, and co-workers. After working a full day with technology it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Dave to come home and have several “patient” computers to work on, often suffering from virus and malware infections or hardware failures.

Daves Computer Tips circa 2006

While driving on the return leg of a trip to the mountains of Tennessee his mind began to wonder as he asked himself how could he prevent these tech support incidents. After many alternate ideas (lying, moving, Witness Protection Program, changing phone numbers) it seemed as if the best solution was to try to educate the computer users around him and the best method, at the time, appeared to be email. When Dave returned home he realized that email would not be enough. There needed to be an easy way to archive the information for future reference. A dim light bulb illuminated above his head as the idea for a website entered the oft empty area between his ears!

A seemingly important domain was secured and a simple website was released to the unsuspecting masses of the World Wide Web. The first email newsletter was delivered to 30 individuals shortly thereafter.

Daves Computer Tips circa 2009

Since that time Daves Computer Tips has been through many iterations as it has grown to what it is today! In 2008 we added a forum and in 2011 we moved from a hand coded static site to a blog format. We’ve added knowledgeable authors and expanded our coverage of tech related items as we’ve watched our email list grow into the thousands!

Our goal is, and always has been, “To become the best source of easy to understand, plain English computer and tech information on the internet while helping others to better understand computers and technology.”

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