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    GoDaddy Backtracks On JavaScript Tracking

    GoDaddy JavaScript Injection Slows Down Your Website I have three websites hosted at GoDaddy and recently I noticed a marked slowdown when loading all three of them, so I ran some speed tests through GTmetrix and Google Page Speed Insights. Both came back with slower than expected results which was particularly surprising for my new […]

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    Is Click-bait Dangerous?

    Click-bait, Danger or Annoyance If you own a computer, phone or tablet you undoubtedly have already wasted your time clicking on a headline that had absolutely no bearing on the actual article to which it is linked. Even though its use stems from and is mildly linked to the old-fashioned, attention-grabbing headlines used in newspapers, […]

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    Facebook Hosting 100+ Cybercriminal Groups

    So, you thought the Facebook scandal regarding Cambridge Analytica scraping tens of millions of users’ data was bad enough. Now, respected investigative journalist Brian Krebs has recently revealed that Facebook has been hosting more than 100 cybercriminal/scammer groups with members numbering in the hundreds of thousands: Hours after being alerted by KrebsOnSecurity, Facebook last week deleted almost […]

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    How To Identify, Deal With Phishing Scams

    Phishing: is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication – Wikipedia Phishing scams have been around for some time, however, as our everyday use of mobile devices and the internet in […]

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    Disposable eMail – Good Defense Against eMail Abuse

    If you spend enough time online, sooner or later you’ll wish you had a disposable eMail account, or, a way to track whether or not someone has “shared” your eMail address. Maybe you want to subscribe to a mailing list for a weekly newsletter about collecting antique thimbles. Perhaps you want to sign up for […]

  • 10 Golden Rules to Defeat Scammers

    Another Day, Another Scam It’s an enigma to me that, despite all the constant warnings and advice, so many people still keep falling victim to scammers. Make no bones about it, scamming is a multi-million dollar business, why? Because it’s inexpensive, effective, and lucrative. It naturally follows then that the most potent means of eradicating […]

  • Don’t Fall for Hoax Stories – Confirm This!

    You know you should never believe everything you read online, right?  I should know this better than anyone since I teach people how to be safe online.  But even I fall for fake articles or news online sometimes.  Just the other day I was on Facebook and came across an article on Willie Nelson passing. […]

  • Beware: Fake ‘Online Order Confirmation’ Emails!

    Timely advice from security reporter Brian Krebs. These types of scam emails requesting confirmation of online orders are prolific at the best of times but the pre-Christmas shopping spree creates an environment of exaggerated vulnerability, one which the malware purveyors are only too happy to take advantage of. If you tend to do a lot […]

  • Tech Support Scams Unveiled

    In his latest exposé, security reporter Brian Krebs details the dirty tricks often perpetrated by telephone tech support services. In particular, Brian highlights one instance where such a service has been clearly misleading potential consumers by falsely claiming to be a Microsoft Certified Partner: “You can’t make this stuff up: A tech support company based […]