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    How to Print Multiple Selections of an Excel Document

    Have you ever received a workbook from a colleague and wanted to print selections from more than one worksheet and have them all print on the same page? Sounds like voodoo magic doesn’t it? It can be done and doesn’t involve any crazy magic either! The easiest method to do this would be to set […]

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    How to Adjust Row Heights for Text in Excel 2010

    You can easily put more text into a cell than will display properly and while you can widen your column to make the text fit, there are some instances where this might not be advisable. Instead, you can wrap your text within the cell such that your cell height will be increased to display all […]

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    How to Flip a Drawing Object in Excel

    If you have ever had a drawing object in your worksheet and wanted to flip it either horizontally or vertically and didn’t know how, this article is for you! Follow the steps below to learn how: Click on the object you would like to flip and Excel will place handles (that look like small boxes […]

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    How to Set the Width of Row Labels in Excel

    Sometimes you just have gigantor Excel worksheets – there’s no getting around it! Now if, in your gigantor worksheet you also have graphs based on your data, you may find that at some point when you are scrolling through your worksheet that redrawing of your graph(s) will greatly slow down your scrolling. Now if you […]

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    How to Position Excel Graphics Evenly

    Any time that you have two or more graphics in an Excel worksheet, you want to be certain that they are distanced equally from each other because it is more pleasing to the reader’s eye. This can be easily accomplished with a few easy steps. Here’s how: Using your mouse, position your graphics where you […]

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    How to Draw Borders in your Excel Worksheet

    Usually one would add borders around a cell or range of cells in their worksheet by selecting the cell or range and using the Border tab of the Format Cells dialog box. BUT, there is a nice little shortcut that saves you time and keystrokes and who wouldn’t want to do that?? Follow the steps […]

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    How to Control Display of Page Breaks in Excel 2010

    There are two types of page breaks that can appear in your worksheet in Excel 2010. Those would be Manual and Automatic. As you know, you insert page breaks manually by clicking on the Breaks tool in the Page Layout tab in the Page Setup group on your Ribbon. Automatic page breaks are those that […]

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    How to Protect an Excel 2010 Worksheet

    There are some occasions when you would like to prevent your colleagues from making changes to your cells or perhaps you do not want them to have the capability of seeing your formulas in the Formula bar. Fortunately, Excel will allow you to do this and more, but unfortunately, it is not always intuitive where […]

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    How to Quickly Filter Data by color in Excel 2010

    Excel has always been a great piece of software but Excel 2010 has even more great features and one of them is the ability to use a right-click cell menu to filter a table based on the active cell’s value, font color or fill color. If you color code data in your cells you can […]