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    Disable Media Streaming For Privacy

    A New Service We recently moved into a new apartment and only had to wait a day before we got our cable/Internet/TV transferred. One good thing about this is I switched to a new cable pack that took almost $60 dollars off my cable bill and should stay in effect for the next 24 months. […]

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    Steganos Privacy Suite 19 Giveaway Contest

    Winners Announced! Steganos Privacy Suite 19 Steganos has kindly offered our DCT readers a chance to win its new Privacy Suite 19 release. We have five licenses for five lucky readers. Each license is currently valued at $59.95 (US) and is good for 5 PCs. “Steganos Privacy Suite 19 combines the award winning Steganos Security […]

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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – Updates Sharing

    Microsoft Sharing Your Internet Connection When Windows 10 updates your computer some of your updates may be coming from another person’s computer and not directly from Microsoft’s servers. The reverse may also be true– other people may be receiving their updates from your computer. This all happens in the background and many computer users are […]

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    What Is The Best VPN

    This article is presented on the basis that the reader is already somewhat familiar with the nature of VPNs and the type of services they provide. Ascertaining just which VPN service is best, out of the many available, is nigh on mission impossible. Reason being that none of the more popular services offer any sort […]

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    FamilyTreeNow Giving Information Free

    Free Information My late Father dabbled in genealogy and my Father-In-Law enjoys genealogy as well. I am continuing where my Father left off and find it very interesting, as do many other people I am sure. Therefore, when I hear of genealogy sites to gather more information, I listen intently. Imagine my surprise, I had […]

  • Is Your VPN Leaking?

    With the dramatic increase in tracking online activity, more and more users are turning to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to help mask their identity and whereabouts. The general expectation with VPNs is that they provide absolute privacy/anonymity, however, that is not always the case. Some VPNs will actually leak real IP and DNS addresses which, […]

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    Opera Browser – Speed And Privacy

    Opera I’ve experimented and changed web browsers over the years. I started with IE, then Netscape, Opera and Firefox. Then Mozilla Suite which became SeaMonkey. Then there’s K-Melon, Otter, and Vivaldi and Chrome. Tried them all. Originally, I settled on the Mozilla Suite until Mozilla gave up and it became SeaMonkey. If you’d like to […]

  • Web Of Trust Not so Trustworthy?

    German national broadcaster NDR recently released the results of an investigation by in-house journalists claiming that the WOT (Web of Trust) browser extension collects, records, analyzes and sells user-related browser data to third-parties. Apparently, the data obtained was traceable to WOT and could be assigned to specific individuals, despite WOT’s claim that they anonymize user […]