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    Orcus RAT Author Charged In Malware Scheme

    In July 2016, KrebsOnSecurity published a story identifying a Toronto man as the author of the Orcus RAT, a software product that’s been marketed on underground forums and used in countless malware attacks since its creation in 2015. This week, Canadian authorities criminally charged him with orchestrating an international malware scheme. An advertisement for Orcus […]

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    Patch Tuesday, November 2019 Edition

    Microsoft today released updates to plug security holes in its software, including patches to fix at least 74 weaknesses in various flavors of Windows and programs that run on top of it. The November updates include patches for a zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer that is currently being exploited in the wild, as well as […]

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    Study: Ransomware, Data Breaches at Hospitals tied to Uptick in Fatal Heart Attacks

    Hospitals that have been hit by a data breach or ransomware attack can expect to see an increase in the death rate among heart patients in the following months or years because of cybersecurity remediation efforts, a new study posits. Health industry experts say the findings should prompt a larger review of how security — […]

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    How To Solve Problems Installing McAfee

    A woman called me because she had purchased a copy of McAfee Antivirus and she couldn’t get it to install. She already had AVG installed, so I told her to uninstall that first. She couldn’t get it to uninstall. She brought her laptop down to me. It was a Windows 7 laptop. I went to […]

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    Here Come the Biometrics

    Let me take a wild guess at something. Everyone who is reading this now hates going to the airport. No, I don’t mean you hate flying or traveling. I mean you hate going to the airport. The long lines, the constantly changing rules about baggage and fees. Then there’s the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with […]

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    “BriansClub” Hack Rescues 26M Stolen Cards

    “BriansClub,” one of the largest underground stores for buying stolen credit card data, has itself been hacked. The data stolen from BriansClub encompasses more than 26 million credit and debit card records taken from hacked online and brick-and-mortar retailers over the past four years, including almost eight million records uploaded to the shop in 2019 […]

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    Unchecky Software Fails

    A number of people get so much junk and Malware on their systems simply by not paying attention during the installation of certain programs. They click next, next, next one too many times. There are programs that try to protect you from such third-party installations like Unchecky. Unchecky Fails I recently had to get rid […]

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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – Page File Security

    When you shut down your computer everything in memory is lost.  That’s OK though because it has been saved somewhere– hopefully. The Page File, on the other hand, is kept on your drive which means anyone with access can snoop on what you’ve been doing for the past umpteen days (weeks, months, years). That’s not […]

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    How To Avoid Internet Scams

    In this day and age of vanishing privacy, feeling secure online seems like something you need a Ph.D. for. Everyone is asking for your data, cookies, personal information and more. Scams are looming over the everyday citizen of the internet and they’ve even made it into the newest of social media. This is no longer […]

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    How To Remove Segurazo Virus

    Crashing Video Drivers Or Malware My nephew, the last few days, had a problem with his video drivers crashing. Can’t remember its exact name or model but it was an NVIDIA GeForce. When I first tried to fix it I noticed he was almost out of hard drive space which made it hard to download […]