Articles about cloud computing from a consumers perspective

  • 2K Monitors – What You Need to Know

    The Utter Confusion of 2K Monitors I’ve recently been looking at buying a new 2K monitor. For those not in the know, 2K equates to a maximum resolution of 2560×1440 as opposed to HD’s standard 1920×1080. There’s nothing wrong with my current Asus PA248Q which is a high-end 24″ IPS LED monitor with fully adjustable […]

  • FTC Takes Action Against ASUS for Insecure Routers

    On February 23rd, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission settled with Taiwan-based ASUSTeK Computer, Inc. over the marketing of its routers which put hundreds of thousands of consumer’s home networks at risk. The complaint included charges the ASUS routers featured insecure “cloud” services which led to the compromise of thousands of connected storage devices and exposed […]

  • A Simple Solution to Piracy?

    Per capita, Australians are the biggest downloaders of pirated material in the world As the Australian government moves ever closer to enacting legislation aimed at preventing, or at least slowing the downloading of pirated material, a new study by consumer advocacy group Choice has come up with a very interesting and plausible conclusion. My stance […]

  • Australian Court Case to End Online Piracy?

      As if pirates haven’t received enough bad press recently, a court in Australia has ruled that ISPs iiNet, Internode and Dodo amongst others, must hand over the details of customers who have illegally downloaded Dallas Buyers Club by using Bit Torrent. In what is seen as a landmark judgement, Justice Nye Perram (pictured) ruled in favour […]

  • Is Netflix Ruining Your Life?

    I stopped watching TV on a regular basis about ten years ago but have now returned to it with a vengeance thanks to Netflix. I clearly remember when having a television in your house was considered a luxury and most of them were set in huge teak cabinets with doors that revealed a tiny curved […]

  • Geo-Blocking The Oscars – What’s That All About?

    Also known as geolocation, this perverse and absurd practice isn’t just confined to The Oscars of course, as anyone who uses Youtube will be painfully aware. I choose Oscar, as in a moment of misguided magnanimity, I acceded to my better half’s request to watch the show last night, when I’d rather have been pulling my […]

  • New Monitors – Which one is best for you

    There is possibly nothing more confusing than trying to choose a new or replacement monitor. There are so many different brands and models available, a variety of different panel types and specs to consider, it ain’t easy – especially when factoring in the value for money element. I’m certainly no expert in this area, but […]

  • Free Shipping on

    I am an junkie.  I loathe crowds & going to stores to shop, dealing with parking & rude cashiers that would rather be doing something else…many of my customers give me gift cards as they know I really love them.  I also have a marketplace on & sell goods as well.  The […]