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    How To Configure AutoCorrect Your Way

    Have you ever been working on a document and typing away and you glance up and see a copyright symbol where you really wanted to see (c)? Yes, I get that complaint a lot from users. AutoCorrect is the culprit here. But wait, shouldn’t AutoCorrect make your life easier rather than having you go back […]

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    Help! Word Looks Like Graph Paper

    I have received frantic e-mails and phone calls from clients telling me that all of a sudden when they open Word their document opens up with a strange graph paper effect. Well, there are a couple of reasons why this may have happened, but the most likely reason is that the drawing grid has been […]

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    How to Create One Word 2010 Document of Multiple Envelopes

    I don’t know about you, but I really dislike creating an envelope manually, especially when I have more than one. You know, when you need to send out a payment or something that you do not have a letter for where you can just highlight the address and print an envelope.I am lazy and do […]

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    How to Split a Word 2010 Document

    Not sure what key combination I accidentally hit the other day in my office while working on a document (time sensitive of course) but lo and behold I suddenly had a split screen in front of me! Half of my document was in the top screen and the other half was in the bottom. Now, […]

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    How to Format E-mail with Word AutoFormat

    Folks receive an e-mail and notice that there is what they call a “hard return” at the end and double returns between paragraphs. One could waste a forest and print out the e-mail the way it is, but that seems a bit silly doesn’t it? Also, you may want to work with this message using […]

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    How to View Formulas in Word 2010 Table Cells

    I was recently asked if it were possible to view the formulas that are in table cells, which were usually too long for the smaller cells in the table and not completely visible. And wouldn’t it be lovely if Word had a feature like those included in Excel or Access that allow you to see […]

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    How to Copy Word 2010 Table Fill Colors

    Sometimes you have a table with a fill color in the top row to make it stand out. But how about if you decide you would like to have that exact same fill color in another row in your table to draw the reader’s eyes to it? How would you go about copying it? Your […]

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    How to Change Return Address Location in Word 2010

    The Envelope feature in Word is pretty intuitive and fairly easy to use so that you can create really professional looking envelopes that rival the ones you get at the Stationers. Word makes it so easy in fact, that it takes the liberty of assuming where your return address and addressee information should be placed. […]