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    The Most Important Thing

    I’m going to show you how to do the most Important Thing that you can do online. Waste time. Warning: some of these sites might actually be useful. Starting with the Top option of watching grass grow. Watching Grass Grow Too much for you? Then relax by putting together a few puzzles. Daily Jigsaw Puzzles […]

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    Some Words Of Wisdom – Just For Fun!

    I was trying to think of my next topic until… Some words of wisdom, but first, let’s pause for a moment of silence for all the souls long past… Just goes to prove… Remember as you go through life… …and be like this guy. Life doesn’t change for you. You have to change for it. […]

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    A Day In The Life Of A PC Technician – Day 9

    Warning: this article contains no computer tips whatsoever. Pistols at dawn Besides the comings and goings of my troubled customers, the ebb and flow of ordinary life goes on and in the case of the first known residents’ committee meeting was far from ordinary. You see, I rent a shop in a small, dilapidated 1970’s […]

  • Is Your Antivirus Male or Female?

    Did you know that the French assign a gender to everything, and I do mean everything, even inanimate objects? A house, for example, is female, “la maison“, while a book is male, “le livre“. It got me to wondering how the heck the French decide what gender a particular object is and how they might […]

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    Resourceful Ways To Recycle Laptops

    Recycling Is A Good Thing Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone does something that is simply too good not to share. This is about laptop computers and strange-but-true things people do with them. I’m all for recycling, so I thought some of these examples would definitely be interesting. and may just have […]

  • Tech Terms – Aussie Style!

    Australia is a large country with a relatively small population which can essentially be divided into two distinct groups: The city dwellers – who tend to congregate around Australia’s lush coastal strip, and The “bushies” – who inhabit Australia’s vast and often isolated interior. It’s not uncommon for bushies to travel 200 miles or more […]

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    How to Handle Internet Trolls, Psychos

    Long before the Internet was a thing, we used talk to each other face to face and when we met total strangers we’d introduce ourselves politely without feeling to need to say, “Wtf are you talking about you utter moron?” So, now that I’ve caught your attention in the traditional way of the troll, what […]