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    Why Browsers Exist, Why They Are Free

    Why Browsers Exist, Why They Are Free, Why You Need To Upgrade A browser’s main function is to provide you with a portal from your computer to the internet. That is its only purpose as far as you are concerned.  But, it is certainly not its only purpose as far as their creators are concerned. […]

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    The Browser Race

    The Browser Race Last month marked the third-year anniversary for Edge, the highly touted browser that was introduced with the release of Windows 10 to the public. Like a yearling, it didn’t exactly hit the ground running. As a two-year-old, it did more stumbling than running, but started gaining ground, so why, as a three-year-old, […]

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    How To Reset Opera, Fix Keyboard Shortcuts

    Opera Reset One of the issues I’ve had with Opera was that it had no reset button/option like most browsers do. I was going through the settings a few days ago. I think I was fooling around with the background themes and wallpapers and I noticed something new. I don’t know when Opera added this […]

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    Block Unwanted Crypto-Mining In Your Browser

    Cryptocurrency We’ve all heard of Bitcoin by now. To make sure we’re on the same page, though, here is a quick definition: a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank: “decentralized cryptocurrencies such as […]

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    How To Clear Amazon Browsing History

    Browsing History Did you know that Amazon saves your browsing history? Have you noticed when you are shopping on Amazon they keep suggesting other items you might like to buy? This is partly to do with them saving your browsing history and trying to get you to order more stuff. Example: I’m looking at pens […]

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    Opera VPN, Avast, Avira Conflicts

    Opera, Avast, Avira The Opera VPN drama never seems to end. If it was a paid program, I would have dumped it a long time ago, but just recently my system developed another problem– my antivirus program kept giving me an error every time I turned on or restarted my computer. Sometimes, I would have […]