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    Net Neutrality & You (The Fight’s Not Over)

    Net Neutrality If you believe that you have as much right of having the same internet speed, availability, and privacy as anyone else, you are more than likely a fan of Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality was and is a founding principle that has been part of the internet and in theory ensures all internet traffic […]

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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – Netflix Speed Test

    Internet Throughput Since the loss of Net Neutrality it has become more important than ever to monitor the behavior of our Internet Service Providers (ISP). There are already reported instances of devious mechanisms being employed by these services in order to increase their ever-increasing bottom line. The ridiculous data cap system immediately comes to mind. […]

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    Is Click-bait Dangerous?

    Click-bait, Danger or Annoyance If you own a computer, phone or tablet you undoubtedly have already wasted your time clicking on a headline that had absolutely no bearing on the actual article to which it is linked. Even though its use stems from and is mildly linked to the old-fashioned, attention-grabbing headlines used in newspapers, […]

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    Why Browsers Exist, Why They Are Free

    Why Browsers Exist, Why They Are Free, Why You Need To Upgrade A browser’s main function is to provide you with a portal from your computer to the internet. That is its only purpose as far as you are concerned.  But, it is certainly not its only purpose as far as their creators are concerned. […]

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    The Browser Race

    The Browser Race Last month marked the third-year anniversary for Edge, the highly touted browser that was introduced with the release of Windows 10 to the public. Like a yearling, it didn’t exactly hit the ground running. As a two-year-old, it did more stumbling than running, but started gaining ground, so why, as a three-year-old, […]

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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – PIN Or Password?

    Passwords And PINs Passwords are a secret. They are a secret you share with any one of the estimated 200 million active websites on today’s Internet. (There are actually over 1.8 billion, but by far most of these — roughly 75% — are placeholder, or “parked” domains.) This information was gleaned from InternetLiveStats if you’d […]

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    How To Reset Opera, Fix Keyboard Shortcuts

    Opera Reset One of the issues I’ve had with Opera was that it had no reset button/option like most browsers do. I was going through the settings a few days ago. I think I was fooling around with the background themes and wallpapers and I noticed something new. I don’t know when Opera added this […]

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    How Not To Restore A Crashed Website

    When Things Go Wrong… …they generally go very wrong and when the cause of a website crash isn’t immediately apparent, putting things right can be a challenging exercise. The above image is what confronted me following an aborted forum software upgrade last week, indicating that the flux capacitors had blown somewhere along the line and […]