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  • How To Create A List In A Word Document

    If you find the need for a list in your document, Word will very quickly and easily accommodate you. Follow the steps below to learn how: Key in your list, only pressing Enter at the end of each item on your list. Select all the items in your list. Be certain the Home tab of […]

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    How To Unhide Hidden Text In Word

    For whatever reason, some folks have documents that are full of hidden text. Then comes the time when they want to make that text un-hidden. What to do?  Well, the short answer is to use Find and Replace. Follow the steps below to learn how: Press Ctrl+Home to go to the start of your document.  […]

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    How To Set Up Section Page Numbering In Word 365

    It can, at times, be very difficult to get your head around Word’s page numbering options, particularly in a multiple-section document. Fortunately,  controlling how your pages in each section are numbered is actually pretty easy. To quote Microsoft, a section is ”a portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options.” It […]

  • How To – Hyphenation In Word

    Microsoft Word gives you the option to allow automatic hyphenation. This evens out left-aligned paragraphs and minimizes the extra spaces between words in justified paragraphs. Hyphenation splits words into syllables separated with a hyphen so the first portion of the word is on one line and the ending portion is at the beginning of the […]

  • How To – Table Of Contents Using Word

    Many retirees I meet are working on compiling their memories or memoirs into a book to pass on to their offspring. The typing although tedious is not the difficult part. Often they type each portion of their life on separate documents. Of course, these individual chapters must be merged into one document to create the […]

  • How To Create A Building Block In Word

    If you really want to fully utilize Word’s Building Blocks, you will want to customize it to assist with words and phrases you use most often. Follow the steps below to learn how: Select the text and/or graphics for which you would like to create a Building Block. You will need to select the paragraph […]

  • How To Make Pages Fit In Word

    How many times have you typed your document in Microsoft Word and had it continue on a new page for just a few lines? There is an easy way to make it fit on one. To demonstrate, we will create a document that is a little more than one page long using the =(rand) function. […]

  • How To Quickly Select Text In Word

    You should know by now that you can use your mouse to select text by holding down your left mouse button and dragging your mouse to make a selection. There is, however, a much quicker method to select text using your mouse. Follow the steps below to learn how: Place your cursor where you would […]

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    Word – The Three Nevers And More

    I have been teaching word processing for decades. WordPerfect was what I used and taught for years. Then the college I taught at entered into an agreement with Microsoft and I learned Word and the rest of the Office suite. Now, most of my work is done using Google Docs. Anybody can use the poke […]