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    How To Unblock A Video For Streaming.

    I wrote before about having a Maestro cable box from EastLink. It’s supposed to be the most advanced unit available, but since I’ve had it, I keep losing my channels. The usual error message is that it cannot connect to the media gateway. I have gotten in touch with Tech Support before and they suggested […]

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    Add A Custom Background On Xbox One

    With me being a gamer, I always love to find out ways to customize my gaming experience. You know– give your personality to whatever your gaming fingers touch. Today is no different. A while back I wrote a Great article (Yes, I said GREAT) on How to Change Your PS4 Theme. Well, this time I […]

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    How To Change PlayStation 4 Avatar

    I am a big gamer. I know this because I own almost every console system made since the early 80’s. Yes, I still play these older systems. Combined with being a tech writer, gaming drives me to write How-To articles to help the gamer, especially if it can help in customizing your gaming experience. With […]

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    How To Set Date And Time On PS4

    Have you ever wondered how to change the date and time on your PS4? Or even change the format of the time? If you have, then you are reading the right article. The reason this article popped into my head was because I have been watching too many military movies. Yes, military movies, and I […]

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    Are You A Gadget Freak?

    The World is essentially divided into two distinct groups– those who love gadgets and those who don’t. I happen to fall squarely in the former group, if it plugs in or takes batteries, I definitely want one! It’s circa 1970 and a salesman knocks on our front door. Turns out he’s selling this new gadget […]

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    Top 10 Tech Gifts For Everyone

    Gifts For Everyone With the holidays here and all of my kids asking for tech gifts, including me (yes, my 11-m.o. daughter is very advanced for her age), I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about the must-have tech gifts for any occasion. No matter the  time of year, there […]