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    How To Use Lookup In Excel

    Most know how to use a spreadsheet to do basic operations like add, subtract, multiply, and divide. We know some basic functions like =SUM and =AVERAGE. These simple operations are good for lots of useful spreadsheets. We can keep track of our checking account, track our gas mileage, keep a list of birthdates, maintain a […]

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    How To Work With Dates In Excel

    As a former programmer, I use the term “Julian Date” to mean any serial date integer from any arbitrary beginning, but usually from the beginning of the 20th century. The Excel date code uses 1/1/1900 as the starting date as does Google Sheets. The date is displayed in an m/d/y format. You enter the date […]

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    How To Easily Create Excel Charts

    Charting data entered into an Excel spreadsheet does not have to be a complicated procedure. This article shows you step-by-step how to make that happen. First, we will create a simple worksheet and add some random data. Then we will create a quick chart of that data. Open Excel to a blank worksheet. Create some […]

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    How To Parse Names In Excel

    Columns of names in a spreadsheet are often entered as full names (first and last). This works great for mailing labels where the complete name is used. It is not convenient when only the first or last name is needed, like when you need to sort on the last name. One method could be to […]

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    How To Add A Drop-Down Box To A Cell

    You can create a simple list for your users to select from in your worksheet. This will greatly reduce errors because you are limiting input from the user’s keyboard and makes things quick and easy for them as well. Everyone loves quick and easy, right? I know I do! You only need two things for […]

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    How To Create Two-Line Custom Formats

    Two-Line Custom Formats Excel is very flexible in how it will allow you to set up custom formats for displaying all manner of values. Most custom formats are straightforward and easy to figure out once you have an understanding of how custom formats work. Suppose you wanted to create a two-line custom format, though? For […]