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    How to Change Your PS4 Theme

    Themes I’m always looking for ways to make things my own or at least show my style. As with my other articles: How to Change Themes In Thunderbird, How to Change Twitter Theme Colors,  How to Change/Customize Your Gmail Theme and Get More Out of Your Google Chrome Browser (which you should all check out after you read […]

  • How To Change/Customize Your Gmail Theme

    It is time for a “How to” since I haven’t given you one in a while. I’m all about making things your own, either by building it yourself or throwing some paint on someone else’s stuff. With the holidays here and Star Wars coming out I’m in a creative mood. With almost everyone using Gmail […]

  • Windows 7’s Hidden Secret

    Who doesn’t like to go on a treasure hunt and find something cool? I have always loved finding things I never knew were there. A good example is Windows 7, where if you dig and look hard enough you can make some pretty cool discoveries. In this article I want to share a little treasure that […]

  • Get more out of your Google Chrome Browser

    Do you ever look at your browser and think ‘How boring’?  Or wish it could do more?  If your computer/phone can have all these cool options why can’t your browser?  This happens to me every time I open my Google Chrome browser. Me being me, I just had to do some research and find out if […]

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    WordPress – How To Have Your Own Web Site – Plug-Ins, Widgets, Themes and Headers

    This may be out of sequence a bit, but I thought Themes, Plug-ins, Widgets and Headers ought to come before delving into the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WordPress is a system that allows you to do just about anything when it comes to changing the way it looks, the way it acts and the […]

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    RSS Themes in Windows

    Windows Wallpaper and Themes I think Windows 7 Themes are cool. If you don’t have a large collection of images, then maybe you are getting tired of seeing the same old pictures all day every day. I have a possible solution- RSS Themes. By setting up an RSS Windows Theme that gets it’s Wallpaper from […]