Huge Collection of FREE Themes & Wallpapers from Microsoft

Over the years, Microsoft has released a vast array of Themes and Desktop Backgrounds (wallpapers) for users to download but, due to the sporadic nature of  these releases, they have been scattered all over the enormous Microsoft website, making tracking them all down an often arduous task. I am happy to report that Microsoft has finally seen fit to consolidate all these offerings into one central location known as “Windows Personalization Gallery“.

The Gallery includes separate areas for Themes (Windows 7 and/or 8) and Desktop Wallpapers (all current versions of Windows):

windows themes and wallpapers

Simply click on the associated link (as indicated by the red arrow in the screenshot) to go to your preferred area. There are lots of lovely themes to choose from; including art, animals, games, movies, natural wonders, landscapes, holidays & seasons, plants & flowers, and more:

windows themes

And an equally impressive range of brilliant desktop wallpapers – now all in the one place:

windows wallpapers

(Of course, the screenshots show only a very small selection of what’s available)

The majority of  Themes include a number of desktop backgrounds, as well as a specific window color. However, there are also other more elaborate themes which include additional features such as sounds or an RSS feed. If you have dual monitor setup, you may be interested in checking out the ‘panoramic’ themes.

Just in case you missed the link at the beginning of the article, here it is again… Windows Personalization Gallery

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