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    Chrome To Block Flash Content By Default

    The Demise of Flash The programming code that brought the flat, two-dimensional Web to life on your computer monitor is now on life support. For well over a decade, Flash has brought us both eye-popping on-screen functionality and heart-stopping security vulnerabilities. It has been both loved and maligned, and it is now one step closer […]

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    The End of Adobe Flash Player

    Gone in a Flash! From it’s humble beginnings as an animation tool, Flash has come a long way. Flash made the internet come alive with movement, from whimsical banner ads to your favorite YouTube video. Flash was ubiquitous in the world of computers. In 2005, it became the most widely distributed media format, overtaking Java, […]

  • Judy’s Tech News Digest

    Astronomers Discover Most Distant Galaxy The galaxy is the most distant galaxy that has been discovered and has been designated at z8_GND_5296. It took light from the galaxy about 13 billion years to reach the Keck Observatory in Hawaii and the Hubble Space Telescope.  Both the observatory and telescope detected the galaxy in infrared light. […]

  • Judy’s Tech News Digest

    Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday was October 8th.  Microsoft released a total of eight bulletins, four of which were deemed ‘Critical.’ One of the critical patches was to patch a security exploit that was present in all versions of Internet Explorer. In addition to current versions, the patch was also issued for IE11 […]

  • Adobe’s Prolific Updates: A humorous side?

    The endless stream of updates for Adobe’s range of products, including the commonly installed Flash Player and Reader, are not really a laughing matter. The only “joke” involved is the fact that the software should require updating so frequently… now that is a joke. Fortunately, web comic site XKCD is around to add a little […]

  • Adobe Reader and Flash – more to worry about!

    Here in the real world, widespread adoption of the above two programs makes them irresistible targets for hackers and malware peddlers. But you don’t have to live with the threats that these can present.  You can eliminate Adobe Reader and use free alternative PDF programs (Portable Document Format readers) that are even faster than the […]

  • Dump the Acrobat!

    Researchers have discovered yet another security hole in software giant Adobe’s PDF reader, Acrobat. This is the latest in a long line of vulnerabilities in Acrobat that can allow an attacker full control over your PC if you open an infected PDF file. Adobe has this to say about the discovery: A critical vulnerability has […]