Adobe’s Prolific Updates: A humorous side?

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The endless stream of updates for Adobe’s range of products, including the commonly installed Flash Player and Reader, are not really a laughing matter. The only “joke” involved is the fact that the software should require updating so frequently… now that is a joke.

Fortunately, web comic site XKCD is around to add a little humor into the situation with a cartoon labeled “All Adobe Updates”:

all adobe updates

Very clever… and don’t you just love how there are only the two action buttons included, “OK” or “Download”. Not a huge choice there!

As with many cartoons from XKCD, there is a little bonus available by hovering your mouse cursor over the image:

all adobe updates extra

Anyway, better go now… just received a new update message from Adobe. đŸ™‚


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1 thought on “Adobe’s Prolific Updates: A humorous side?”

  1. Thank you,
    Adobe and its update warnings have truly become that boy that cried wolf one too many times.
    When I get such a prompt in my Firefox and I absolutely need to watch something relevant, I usually divert the link with the FF add-on for open page/link in IE.

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