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  • man-snorting-into-hankerchief

    Computer Rage – Rise of the Machines? (video)

    Computer Frustration Incarnate We have all experienced the maniacal state of “computer rage”. It can be compared to “road rage”, but there is no true equal. No one on the road actually destroys their vehicles. Oh sure, they may stomp on their steering wheels and mash on their pedals, but nothing compares to smashing a […]

  • Antique Radio Hoarder on Ebay leaves hilarious product listings about wife

      If you’ve seen any one of the different tv shows about hoarding, or better yet an episode of American Pickers with an especially attached collector, you’ve witnessed how emotionally involved people can become with the objects they collect. When loved ones don’t share the same passion for collection, or even worse, resent the “hoarding’ behaviors, people […]

  • Computer Shopper

      About six months ago, I was sitting on the couch surfing TV, the web, my phone, and Facebook simultaneously when my wife calls out from the other room: “What’s an IRQL not less or equal error?” ~blink~ Good question, I thought to myself as I disentangled myself from my laptop, phone, remotes, snacks, drinks, […]