Antique Radio Hoarder on Ebay leaves hilarious product listings about wife


If you’ve seen any one of the different tv shows about hoarding, or better yet an episode of American Pickers with an especially attached collector, you’ve witnessed how emotionally involved people can become with the objects they collect. When loved ones don’t share the same passion for collection, or even worse, resent the “hoarding’ behaviors, people are sometimes left to reluctantly reduce their collections.  Here’s what happened when one man’s “trophy wife” suggested it was time to sell off some of the antique radios they had lying around:

WORKING 1947 Majestic radio. I have not refinished or worked on this radio. This is just another example of a radio that I have to sell because the wife thinks I have an ANTIQUE RADIO HOARDING problem. It is in great condition considering that is is 65 years old. I am purposely leaving out any comments about how my wife might look in 20 more years, but it seemed like the right place to mention it because of the FORCED SELL-OFF of my things. I am not a dealer, I just have a “Trophy-Wife”. I just can’t figure out what contest I won to deserve this? I am copying and pasting the details of what I know about this radio, below.

Quote and original story via Gawker

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