Computer Rage – Rise of the Machines? (video)

Computer Frustration Incarnate

We have all experienced the maniacal state of “computer rage”. It can be compared to “road rage”, but there is no true equal. No one on the road actually destroys their vehicles. Oh sure, they may stomp on their steering wheels and mash on their pedals, but nothing compares to smashing a keyboard to bits– does it… how about flinging an abusive monitor across the room? Nothing can equal that amount of destruction. The sheer pleasure is indescribable!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha…

It begins when you don’t like your computer. It ends when your computer doesn’t like you.

All you can imagine is strangling the malignant tissue by its various connections to the world– the very thing it loves. That’s what rage is all about, isn’t it? Depriving your enemy of its loved ones and all things that matter? Even Life itself!!!. Bwa-ha-ha-ha…

Here’s a bit that might make you think twice about what may be your Reaction to the Action (reverse Newton?):

Don’t beat the dog unless you expect to be bitten. Oh! And the nose-snorting guy in the next cubicle? He is an annoying waste of human flesh. (Don’t get me started)



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Richard received his first computer, a C-64, in 1982 as a gift and began dabbling in BASIC. He was hooked! His love for computing has led him from the old “XT” boxes to the more modern fare and from clunky 10MB hard drives to smooth and fast modern day SSD drives. He has run BBS services, Fido mail, and even operated his own computer repair business.

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