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  • Source Code stolen from Symantec

    I’m better at the expository writing than I am at the news reporting, but I came across something in my random web searching that I felt should be passed on: A hacker group has stolen code from Symantec.  Symantec is best known for their Norton Antivirus program, but they make other products such as a […]

  • Computer Shopper

      About six months ago, I was sitting on the couch surfing TV, the web, my phone, and Facebook simultaneously when my wife calls out from the other room: “What’s an IRQL not less or equal error?” ~blink~ Good question, I thought to myself as I disentangled myself from my laptop, phone, remotes, snacks, drinks, […]

  • Give me a flying car

    A few months back I was reading about Google’s experiment with a computer controlled self driving car. It had me thinking though about something I’ve wondered for a long time now: why don’t we already have this in the works? We have computer controlled traffic lights, managing traffic and flow to make sure there are no […]

  • Why do I need a tablet?

    Today I want to discuss a controversial topic. I am both fascinated and appalled by the tablet craze going on right now. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m getting old and maybe I just don’t get technology, but when I look at the tablet scene it leaves me scratching my head. I can’t seem to […]

  • Where is my Tricorder?

    For the past month I have been floored with a sinus infection / cold / allergies / Heaven only knows what is going on. I’ve had lots of time to think, ponder, and squirrel away packets of food in case I get hungry while hacking up my lungs (maybe it’s the squirrel flu??). This… plague… […]

  • New Year’s resolutions

    New Year’s has come and gone. I’ve been thinking about resolutions. Along with the traditional resolutions: Spend less money than I make. Make more money than my wife can spend. Convince Donald Trump to adopt and/or hire me. Eat more spam. Try spam. Surf more Youtube and Facebook. I’ve also picked (again) the lofty goal […]

  • Why is sending email so difficult?

    I have discovered that email is becoming a huge issue for me. Not receiving it… I’m pretty good at that. I’m decent at replying too. You send me a message and (eventually) you will receive a response from me. No problem. But I have a huge problem trying to send new emails. Between mergers, buyouts, transitions, […]

  • Can’t live with it, can’t live without it…

    The other day I found myself in a terrible spot. But before I describe this, let me give some background into why this was such a terrible spot. Despite my job (Computer System Administrator) and my lack of qualified and/or survival skills outside of my industry, I long for the simpler days of the world […]

  • The personal computer is dead

    In our last adventure, we explored the depths of my bad luck, the extent I went to to buy a substandard car, and I left you hanging with a burning desire to know more (Right? If I didn’t, I’m not doing my job correctly — so don’t tell Dave, OK?) However, rather than pick up […]

  • If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all

    If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all. No, seriously. Murphy’s Law was designed with me in mind. If a stray bird is going to hit any car on the freeway, it will be mine. If the hotel was going to lose someone’s reservation, it will be mine. If the […]

  • Things don’t smell right

    My very first computer was a real beauty. It was, well, to use the technical term, a mechanical paperweight. This was back in the days when Windows 95, AOL, and the Internet as we know it was first being born. I had overclocked my computer so it was running roughly twice as fast as it […]

  • I want a Droid

    I want a Droid. That’s right, I said I want a Droid. I ignored the iPhone hype because it was an Apple product on AT&T. Since AT&T barely works on my front porch and not at all in my house, it was relatively simple to ignore the beauty that is the iPhone. Yes, it’s a […]

  • Does my computer need an oil change?

    Every 3000 miles, my truck needs an oil change. I’ve accepted this. In fact, I make reminders to myself to get the truck into the shop so that the oil is changed on a regular schedule. Tune ups, tire inflation, oil changes, this is all part of owning the vehicle. So why is it when […]