Windows 10 Popularity Slowing… Strongest In The U.S.

win10-adoptionGlobally, the number of people adopting the Windows 10 operating system (OS) as a replacement for their current operating system appears to be slowing. The early numbers that showed relatively good growth in the adoption rate of Windows 10 may have been due to the somewhat aggressive push tactics utilized by Microsoft.

The average user might not have noticed when Microsoft pushed the Windows 10 installation files to tens of millions of hard drives via Windows Update, without the knowledge or permission of the owners of those hard drives I might add. That little trick may have boosted the take up of Windows 10 by many who might not have otherwise been so quick to switch from their current version of Windows. (Windows 10 Being Downloaded to PCs Whether You Want it or Not).

But, then we caught on. Once word go out about what Microsoft was doing and how they were doing it, various methods of prevention were offered to prevent “Windows 10 creep”. That’s the slow and devious process of having Win 10 quietly creep into your computer environment bit by bit until, one day, there is no sign of your previous OS anywhere to be seen, and Microsoft’s new plan to rule the computing world for another half-century, or longer, has taken you firmly by the nads.

According to NetMarketShare, a site which provides website traffic analysis for thousands of websites, the month of November 2015 showed nine percent of monitored traffic using the Windows 10 OS – that is up only a little over 1 percent from the previous month. Traffic from Win 7 computers during November was at 56 percent, Windows 8 and 8.1 were a collective 14 percent, and Windows XP was still holding on at over 10 percent. So, there are still more people using the venerable Windows XP today than the shiny new, and FREE, Windows 10 OS.

Credit: NetMarketShare
Credit: NetMarketShare

These numbers along with similar numbers from other companies indicate that the uptake of Windows 10 is slowing rather than increasing. It’s not unusual for large companies with hundreds of computers to put off updating to a newer version of Windows for long periods in the hope that all major bugs will be worked out before they undertake such a large task.

There has also been much conversation about Microsoft’s implementation of various forms of telemetry to collect data on the use and users of Windows 10. Maybe not the best of choices when the extent of NSA and government snooping is still smoldering in our collective consciousness.

This slowdown in the uptake of Windows 10 must have been disappointing news to Microsoft who recently released a major operating system update to general users, rather than test machines only. The hope would have been that the update might give holdouts in the business world the go ahead with updating their army of computers.

Operating systems detected over past 90 days
DAP statistics on operating systems in use on government maintained sites over past 90 days.

So far, the numbers I’ve been discussing are global numbers, reflecting worldwide use. In the United States, government statistics indicate that the American population, perhaps more apathetic to privacy concerns than other nations, are adopting Windows 10 at a rate 24% higher than other countries. The sampling was collated by the Digital Analytics Program and is considered rather small. DAP collects data from only 4,000 websites hosted on over 400 different domains maintained by U.S. government agencies. That would include sites such as NOAA, the National Weather Service, Social Security Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, Consumer Protection Agency and the I.R.S.

U.S. government statistics are generally similar to what other firms have shown… that the growth of Windows 10 is largest is the U.S. Statistics also show that the majority of growth in Windows 10 is coming from former Windows 7 users. In fact, more Win 7 users have made the switch than have Window 8/8.1 users. Who would have guessed that!? Many authorities on the subject expected Win 8/8.1 users to the be most eager to update.

I completely avoided Windows 8/8.1, as I did Windows Vista. Both are considered Microsoft’s biggest OS flops. Nor have I updated to Windows 10. I just haven’t seen a compelling reason, yet, to go through the laborious process of dealing with incompatible programs, driver updates, hardware updates, etc. When I make the change, I will most likely be starting fresh, not updating my current Windows 7.

So, what are you waiting for? Have you made the switch? Will you be updating to Windows 10 anytime soon? Or, will you be more like those who are still hanging on to their tried and true Windows XP after all these years?


56 thoughts on “Windows 10 Popularity Slowing… Strongest In The U.S.”

  1. I have tried twice, once when it was new and once after threshold 2 and now i am back on good old Windows 7, it is so good to be back on 7 again. 😉

  2. The machine I am using right now has W8.1 with media center. I doubt it will ever see W10 unless it is in a VM. I am using a XP VM to write this comment.I guess it is all about choice and what works for one’s PC.

  3. It’s true enough that many people have found their peace with Win 8/8.1. But, I suspect it is largely due to the fact that so many tips & tricks were shared in blogs and forums about how to make Win 8/8.1 look and act more like Win 7. I forget his name… but, the Microsoft employee who was responsible for the Win 8 GUI was unceremoniously excused from his job at Microsoft, as I recall.

    1. The two biggest issues with W10 for me are the forced updates and that crazy start menu. I have W10 on my wife’s PC and right now that is enough for me, free or not free.

  4. On December 6 I upgraded an almost 9 year old machine from Windows 7. All previous programs work just fine, even NVIDIA driver. Only had to update or reinstall four programs. I waited until I could use the Fall Update to the Windows 10 Upgrade. Would not recommend upgrading without this update. Also would not upgrade without first updating all programs (I used Ninite and Windows Update and double checked the printer software), and cleaning up and defragmenting the hard drives ( I used CCleaner and Auslogics). It goes without saying that I was already running good virus and malware preventers. If these steps work for a 73 year old Luddite like me on a 9 year old Dell, they ought to work for anyone on a newer machine.

  5. I tried to update my main PC to Windows 10 and it was an incompatibility nightmare. Not to mention I hate the start menu…not as much as 8.1 but still don’t like it. The other thing is I have a render farm and there is no way I am messing with that for absolutely no gains. Its hard enough setting up a render farm over a network without introducing windows 10 incompatibility issues.

    1. it’s the old saying: if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I also run an xp computer offline for my CNC router

  6. I recently updated from 8.1 to 10 on an acre laptop and it went SOOOO smooth it was amazing there are justy a couple of features that are better and all my programs work just t fine .
    I recomend it It has been the best expreience with a windows product l yet they seem to be finally catching up to apple.

    1. and Microsoft has always had an open platform – whereas Apple is proprietary and “their way or the highway”. With anything Apple there is planned obsolescence – stuff over two years old is passé ..

  7. I have my Windows Update set to where I check for updates. The last couple weeks, my 8.1 has been trying to update to 10. I keep finding the update ‘checked’ and once it tried updating on it’s own. I’ve ‘hidden’ the windows 10 update, and it has re-appeared twice. Now I’m wondering if I should update to it and get it out of my face. I’m a rebel and don’t like things being forced on me. Please advise.

      1. MS employing Gestapo tactics with the W10 upgrade.
        You’re darn right they are!
        Everyday I get a half screen advert to upgrade, telling me they have already registered my key, etc.
        It’s just sooo bl00#y annoying! Who else would be allowed to come into your private office & leave unsolicited demand messages on your desk??
        I have already ‘removed’ the files of W10 that MS downloaded onto my laptop without my permission. But next time I rebooted they were back again & this time with stronger more invasive messages & advertising on my desktop.
        Hopefully this link to the ‘remove the upgrade notice’ will work.
        I’m more than happy with W7 thank you very much MS.

  8. So far I see no reason to jump to Win10. Tried some other OS and come back to Windows but awfully tired of Microsoft shoving new versions that are NOT ready for prime time! The updates are popped out, some mess with our systems to the point we are forced to start over. We are doing their work, when enough of us have an issue, they try to fix it.

    1. There are ways to stop the Microsoft nags to update to Windows 10. Read a few messages up for links, or, just do an online search. There are a number of solutions available. Personally, I will wait a little longer before I upgrade, too.

  9. I updated both of my computers from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, respectively, and found that Windows 10 corrected some problems with the netbook running Win 7. Also, Win 10 is a vast improvement over Win 8/8.1, in my opinion.

  10. Using 10,7, 8.1,7 on different but similar computers. 7 is best overall. 10 is ok except that it
    is fascism incarnate since they wrested control of updates from me.

  11. I updated to win10 from win7 with minor problems. It would not install from the update. Dit it with the update tool from Microsoft. But all works well and haven’t had any problems. Probably cause my hardware is 4 years old. But so far I like win10. No hardware or software issues.

  12. I am one of the “lucky”? few who cannot upgrade to WIN8.1 let alone to WIN10 due to a cpu incompatibility LOL. So until I replace my Lenovo with an upgrade WIN7 is fine. I did encounter one program that wanted the video drivers updated (PCBWeb designer) but fortunately they still support the last working legacy version. Frankly, I don’t like the WIN10 GUI … maybe I’m just a luddite !

  13. GOOD!

    i reserved my copy 4 months ago and STILL no notifications (2 machines)!

    they’re gonna FORCE ME to pay for it in July.

    1. you can just download it from Microsoft website and install it if you want, you don’t need to get the notifications to install it.

      1. i’m aware i can do ISO burn and try it that way, but i’ve heard too many horror stories.
        would rather wait til i know the install is ready for my machine and validated.

        but the wait is getting physically painful.

    2. Wow so you are not getting all those invasive adverts sprawled across your monitor every morning?
      They have a ‘get it now’ button & a ‘reserve my copy for later’ button.
      What they don’t have is a ‘don’t bother me anymore’ button!
      You know, in Australia our law states that there must be an ‘unsubscribe’ button or facility on all unsolicited digital advertising so people can opt out.
      I wonder how come MS can evade this law?

      1. not advertisements per se, but every day or 2, the taskbar icon pops up a “millions of users have upgraded to Windows 10! get yours!” thing that i click on, which just takes me to the old “ok. notify me when i’m ready” button/screen.

  14. win7 works smoothly and quickly. have turned off automatic updates and am never bothered. i check eack update for reviews for a few weeks before installing. have been trying linux mint as a dual boot but am a windows diehard. if something is free then there is a catch. microsoft is not giving 10 away out of the goodness of their heart. too bad the younger generation does not care if their privacy is compromised…but i do. i run sandboxed all the time and make regular weekly backups…5 minutes…havent had a virus or problem in many years with 7

  15. I innocently made a reservation when the icon appeared in my sys. tray on my custom built i5 2500k with Win 7 64 and 8 gigs ram. Sometime later the fun started with Win 10 starting download via my 3 gig metered mobile internet. I managed to get ms support to set up a remote interface to stop this nonsense but after that it wouldn’t bring in updates for 7. I finally resolved that issue last week by setting updater to automatic and rebooting.
    At 80 I believe I may go to 10 next year but I’m now using an android tablet quite a bit which supplies 5 gigs of data to all devices.

  16. As a novice, I cannot understand all the negativity about Win 10. I use 4 desktops and 3 laptops. I did take the free offer to update to win 10 on one laptop to try it and it did fail because of a display issue and I recovered back to win 7 again via a Ghost backup. A few days later I decided to try again this time on my oldest Dell desktop (5-6 years old) with only 2mb ram and 1.6 processor. Well I am amazed at the speed of boot on this old box. Used to take about 2 mins… now only 40 seconds… wow awesome! It also generally runs faster all round and no issues with connectivity with networks etc. As far as the new menu goes, gee stop the winging for goodness sake. I am on oldie myself and normally the first to complain about anything different, but this new menu is great and took me all of about 10 minutes to master. I love it now. For me win 10 is as good as win7 if not better for speed reasons. Security issues? So what? I have no problem with that because I do the right thing, but for those shadey characters out there… I cant understand your concerns, and would advise you to install a Linux OS instead. Maybe I am missing something here… but thumbs up on win 10 for me.

  17. Oh… meant to add that on my second try with win 10 I did a complete new install which may or may not have advantages.

  18. Windows 10 is a $ making OS. No more “free” Solitaire is $2.99 a month. So much for taking away.

    Other little things that let u fix it are gone.
    Takes forever to find what used to be in plain sight.
    I deleted 10 from one of my systems and reinstalled Windows 7 Pro.

    Is it also true that u cannot backup 10? and cannot restore 7 from an Image or Backup???

  19. I had to replace old PC and my new PC has 10 installed,I too loved my Win 7 with old PC and I find the Win 10 I have seems to be alright it’s a constant work in progress for there is no recipe per say to show how you should cook the meal :=)

    What I have found is when I try to research something regarding Win 10 I always end up where
    people have downloaded Win 10 from 8 and not much people who have it already installed on their computers.I find this very interesting.

  20. I kept getting the update request and after I chose “at a later date” several times, the last time I made that choice, it started the download on it’s own without me choosing it. I let it download and install and everything seems to be working fine. It is upsetting that it would download without authorization.

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