Microsoft Planning to Force Feed Windows 10 Upgrades Even More

win10 upgrade notice-smallMicrosoft’s relentless push to meet its proclaimed goal of more than 1 billion devices running Windows 10 continues unabated. Microsoft’s approach has actually been helpful for users who might want to upgrade but, for those who do not want to upgrade, the incessant notifications and in-your-face tactics have not been well received.

Back in early September we reported how Microsoft was pushing the Windows 10 upgrade unsolicited on to some systems. (Windows 10 Being Downloaded to PCs Whether You Want it or Not). Microsoft subsequently explained this as an unfortunate “accident”.

According to a recent post on the official Windows Experience Blog, this “accident” may soon become a reality for millions of Windows 7 and 8 users. Microsoft is planning to deliver Windows 10 as an optional update for all users “soon”, in order to make it easier for users to find.

We will soon be publishing Windows 10 as an “Optional Update” in Windows Update for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers. Windows Update is the trusted, logical location for our most important updates, and adding Windows 10 here is another way we will make it easy for you to find your upgrade.

Optional updates are not normally installed by default but, based on previous experience, I’d advise checking through them very carefully.

Then, early next year, Microsoft plans on re-categorizing Windows 10 as a recommended update which means the upgrade process will then be automatically initiated on systems configured to install recommended updates automatically along with important updates.

Early next year, we expect to be re-categorizing Windows 10 as a “Recommended Update”. Depending upon your Windows Update settings, this may cause the upgrade process to automatically initiate on your device.

According to Microsoft, users will receive a warning prompt when this happens so they won’t inadvertently install the new OS. However, it may be a wise precaution to disable automatic installation of recommended updates altogether.

Change Windows Update Settings

Go to Control Panel > Windows Update and click Change settings (in the left hand pane). Then disable the option to “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates“.

windows update settings
Screenshot: Windows 7

Or, do as I do and set Windows Updates to “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them“.

windows update settings2
Screenshot: Windows 8.1

I’ve always tended to defend Microsoft but in the case of the Windows 10 upgrade debacle, it’s difficult to imagine how Microsoft could get any more offside with consumers. The powers that be are obviously intent on pushing Windows 10 down everyone’s throat, with very little consideration for those who don’t actually want it.

For the record; my stance is that all Windows 7/8 users should take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade offer before it expires in July next year. I also appreciate the reasoning behind Microsoft’s push for Windows 10. However, Microsoft should have provided a clear opt-out solution for users who have no intention of upgrading to prevent the constant bombardment of unsolicited notifications and potential for accidental upgrades.


18 thoughts on “Microsoft Planning to Force Feed Windows 10 Upgrades Even More”

  1. Must assume that their marketing people have all been trained in (cod calling) call telephone centres where “NO” is interpretated os: “Mybe, try again later.
    Perhaps we should all login to their forums and explain how free from purchase cost and supplier hassle, Linux is!

  2. Thanks Dave for your message.
    I’m a novice, using Win 7, and Ive been warned that some of the “regular” MS updates have sections in them that can start to set your system up for a full Win 10 install action.
    Don’t know much about that, but to play it safe I don’t now install any updates.
    Any advice??

    1. I keep my W7 set on “Never Check For Updates”. Although MS does not recommend this, I wonder for whom it is not recommended for. I do manual checks for updates and will only install security related updates for W7.

  3. I only have a dozen Updates, that were originally installed on this computer, and Updates are disabled. I works great. Despite your recommendation, I will NOT be updating to 10. I am already running dual boot with Limux Mint 17.2.

  4. Jim do yo know if the paid for version will force ads on the owners too? Or just the free upgrade? It does not seem right if you pay for the upgrade that you should have to get ads rammed down your throat.

  5. Interesting. I signed up well before the Windows 10 release and I am still waiting for MS to download it. Maybe they should download the new release to those who requested it before forcing on those who didn’t.

    1. If you must have W10 then download the W10 Media Creation Tool and burn an ISO or create a bootable USB drive.

  6. The more MS tries to push Win10 the more I will resist its installation. By the way I did not like the feel and touch of Win10. Design and interface is cold and its soul purely commercial. Sorry that’s only my humble opinion. Win 7 is by far the best OS.
    This comment has been written using my Macbook Pro. When the day comes and feel I’m fed up with MS I will definitely give away my windows PC. Fed up of being treated like sheep and don’t want to be one as other alternatives (and good ones) exist. MS, remember and please read history, even giants have sunk. So please show some respect to your customers who are paying for your software which, bottom line, is not “that” free without mentioning data you are vacuuming out of them (the reason I do not want to install Win 10).
    If my statements are not correct please feel free to highlight which ones are not.

  7. Peter Thompson

    I don’t agree in forcing people to update but also I also see people who refuse to upgrade from XP and then complain when something happens and blame Microsoft rather than the fact they are using an obsolete and no longer supported os

  8. My Control Panel looked nothing like the one in your article’s screen shot. I had to fumble around to find a button that would let me shut off Windows Updates. Was that article based on Windows 8? If so, I would like to see how to do it on Windows 7

    1. Mike, that’s not the Control Panel, it’s the Windows Update screen. And it’s the same in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 (see captions under screenshots).

  9. I now have Windows 10 on 6 out of 7 computers in my house. The last one is an old Vista one that has a mind of it’s own that I have no intention of ever upgrading. I like Windows 10. I do agree though that forcing someone to do what they do not want to do is not the best way to reach quotas. However, if some of you folks took the time to really see what this OS has to offer you may be pleasantly surprised.

  10. I’ve always loved Windows for being able to customize it to suit myself. That has been deteriorating since Win7. 🙁

    I’ve always loved Windows because all the great software is written for Windows. But I never wanted a store on my computer. 🙁

    I’ve always loved Windows because I could set it to run the way I like it. Windows 10 is set to run the way Microsoft likes it. 🙁

    I’ve always loved Windows because when I turn on my computer in the a.m., I know it will be the same lovely system I was using the night before. Windows 10 may greet me with a surprise on any given day. My experience with Microsoft tells me it will not be a happy one. 🙁

    I have Windows updates turned off. It will not surprise me if eventually I have to unplug my computers.

  11. I upgraded to 10 then went back to 7 because I found there were things I didn’t want or need.
    I dislike the “we know better than you” attitude and then they get rid things that are liked.
    Sorry to say I like my Hearts and Freecell for relaxation and to just take them away………….
    The replacements I found on 10 were not as good.
    I guess there are improvements in 10 but I also need my relaxation

  12. Windows 10 will only be offered as a free upgrade until July 29, 2016. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? Windows 10 has many new and wonderful features and is more secure than any earlier OS. MS is doing you a big favor by offering this upgrade for free. I’ve been using it since July 28, 2015 and love it. Anyone who refuses this free offer will pay the price for it someday. The price will definitely be financial and may cause the loss of your present system to infections. Don’t let yourself be a stubborn fool.

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