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    How To Create One Off Labels In Word

    We all know Word is a versatile program. One great feature of  Word is creating mailing labels. Lots of folks, myself included,  create mailing labels using the Mail Merge feature of Word, which pulls names and addresses from a data source and formats them for printing on labels. But sometimes you just don’t need all […]

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    How To Print A Fonts List

    I wanted to print a list of fonts on my system in the actual font faces themselves for easy reference when needed. I found a simple program online that could do such a job. It’s called Print My Fonts. At the time of this writing, there is no bundled software to worry about. It’s pretty […]

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    Center Printed Excel 2010 Worksheets

    When you work with small worksheets they sometimes look out of kilter when you print them. The reason for this is that Excel prints worksheet data from the upper left-hand corner. To make your worksheet more pleasing to the eye, you can center your data horizontally, vertically or both if you like. Follow the steps […]