Print Friendly: Print a Web Page without all the Clutter

I sometimes want to print documentation off the web and I was looking for a way to clean up the images and advertising that cluttered up the pages in print preview. Print Friendly does just that and it does so quickly. It also lets you save your cleaned up document as a PDF. Install their browser tool or enter a URL right in the box on their home page. Its a neat little tool that does one big job, but does it well.


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Karen Homan

Karen is a 14 year veteran at an upstate New York college where she writes and edits end-user documentation to educate faculty and staff in computer software. She has been involved with software training for over 17 years, is experienced in producing training videos, blogs about technology, and creates instructional material for her day job. One of her passions is figuring things out. Her favorite motto is IBM’s old one word slogan: THINK.

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