How To Clean Up Mashed Up Prints

I like to save copies of my uploads to Daves Computer Tips. Originally I used the MHTML format to save the documents. This allowed me to save the document as one file compared to saving it as a complete web page. But this format seems to be falling out of favour. I tried printing to a PDF, but here is what happens if I try to print a page of Daves Computer Tips to printer or PDF:


But I found a way to clear it up without having to use any extensions. Just use a different browser, other than Opera and in this case it’s Firefox. Open the document in your browser, go to the three bars menu in the top left-hand corner and click on Print.


Then, click on Simplify Page in the top right-hand corner of the page. See the difference?


Just goes to show, when you get brave enough to click on a button just to see what happens, this is how you figure things out. ūüôā

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