WonderFox Thanksgiving Day Giveaway Specials


WonderFox, a long-time supporter of DCT, is at it again. This time they are offering a huge number of programs at discount prices with many being given away absolutely free!


This Giveaway offer begins today and will run through November 19th. To find out more and to get your free software go to this WonderFox Thanksgiving Day Promotions page.

Kudos to WonderFox for giving us a heads-up on this great offer!


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Richard Pedersen

Richard received his first computer, a C-64, in 1982 as a gift and began dabbling in BASIC. He was hooked! His love for computing has led him from the old “XT” boxes to the more modern fare and from clunky 10MB hard drives to smooth and fast modern day SSD drives. He has run BBS services, Fido mail, and even operated his own computer repair business.


  1. Tried the free WiseCare offer and had all kinds of rigamarole to go through and when I finally got it installed, it was unresponsive except for a couple of pop-up boxes with numbers in them and no explanation of what or why.

    • Hi Jon,
      I am sorry you’re are having trouble. We have offered many WonderFox programs in the past with no problems. I would suggest that you contact WonderFox to correct your issues.
      In my experience, they have always been very responsive.

      Thank you,

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