Windows 10 Upgrade Free During the Initial Year!

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10, the anticipated successor to the slow up-taken Windows 8, will be released free of charge to Windows 7 & 8 users who upgrade during the first year after the new operating system’s official release.

The free release will apply only to upgrades, and won’t be distributed free of charge as a fresh install but, although I can’t really say I’m surprised they have taken this step, I am still nonetheless taken aback with the news we can expect a free upgrade.

According to recent estimations by Frank Gillett, an analyst at the Forrester consultancy, Windows 8 only accounts for around 10% of operating systems currently installed on home computers and the adoption rate throughout the business world is even worse, so the temptation to upgrade free of charge from the likes of Windows 7 is considerably greater than it was, at least for me anyhow, and I expect current W8 users will have no real difficulty taking the plunge. Unfortunately for those who already paid to jump to Windows 8, no refunds are on the horizon!.

Microsoft-Windows-10-Start-menu-517247Windows 10 is set to include “Cortana” – the voice-controlled digital assistant previously limited to Windows Phone handsets – which could potentially be used to launch applications, write emails or blogs, and can even be set to vocally alert you to the fact you should consider wearing a jacket or take a brolly because it’s already checked your local weather forecast!!

Whatever else is in store for Windows 10, Microsoft know they must regain the interests of both the users and developers who have all but since ignored or abandoned W8, and to release the next OS upgrade for free is a last ditch attempt (in my view) to breathe life, and interest, back into the struggling sectors such as desktops and laptops whilst at the same time trying to capitalise on and extend their reach into the mobile market, such as smartphones and tablets.

One things for sure, if Windows 10 fails to excite or impress and has a similar poor uptake rate to Windows 8, it won’t likely be the price to blame!!


20 thoughts on “Windows 10 Upgrade Free During the Initial Year!”

  1. Jesse Garboden

    I may or may not upgrade my current system But, probably not update this one Win 7 only it was originally Win Vista. New system will probably not be a full computer. I am thinking a touch screen laptop. Or might not even use windows depending on what my needs will be later in the year. Time will tell.

  2. It just depends on how dependent it is of touch screen capabilities but i do like the look of Cortana.

  3. Mark Williamson

    The thing that MS has overlooked in the past is the mobile market, and just how important and significant it was to prove because when everyone was jumping on the mobile trend, MS released Windows 7 then in a rush threw out Windows 8 in an effort to catch up. Last year, MS had around a 9% share of the mobile market, which fell further to around 7%, whilst Apple accounts for approximately 28% with Android scooping nearly 70% so it’s obvious MS still has a significant way to go to catch up with both Google and Apple and an even bigger task to resurrect the failing desktop and laptop sector.

  4. Well, the gist I walked away with is that MS is looking for everyone, world wide to be on the same OS and they are looking for this to happen with Windows 10. This way everyone gets patches and updates for one OS. I also got the sense that Windows 10 may be the last of a line of OS’s and will just be constantly upgraded when needed in the future.

    I’m excited, can’t wait for the new TP build to be released, lot’s of cool features.

  5. I wonder if windows media center comes with the update? That’s is to say if you have w8.1 with media center.

  6. I’ll take this plunge, as I’m using 8.1 with the features of an XP (the best os they ever made). I’m hearing this FREE upgrade is a limited offer for ONE year only, and that M$ might then either extend it or charge for the usage. It’s worth the risk to upgrade IMHO, Mindblower!

    1. Agreed MB, it’s a no-brainer really. I have Win 8.1 on two machines and will accept the free upgrade gladly.
      But I’ll still be keeping the dual boot option to Windows 7, which I never get tired of using.

  7. Jason Shuffield

    This is nice to hear that Microsoft is offering this. I will have to upgrade one of my computers just so I can test the new Windows out. Hoping that this time Microsoft has worked most the bugs out first…. but probably not.

  8. Well I guess this forces those who are still using XP to either upgrade to either 7 or 8.1 now to get the 10 upgrade for free.

  9. I loved Windows 7 but my PC developed a serious fault under warranty and HP offered me a replacement, which I accepted. Trouble was that by then, computers all came with Windows 8 pre-installed – and I hated it then and still hate it, over a year down the line! So I will definitely take the free upgrade to Windows 10, which I read gives the desktop more priority and puts the ‘Metro’ screen apps into a Window so you still have easy access to the desktop and your browser.

  10. I find it strange that none of the writers of IT gladly mentioning ‘free windows 10’ have mentioned the PRICE after the first year?.

    After the first year will MS make us pay dearly for this upgrade? …your thoughts on this.

    1. Mark Williamson

      Personally I think it will depend on how well the uptake of the free version is which will determine 1) the overall length of time in which the OS is given away and 2) how much they will charge when/if they begin charging. This “free” upgrade is aimed at all those XP users who can’t bring themselves to move over to W7 or W8 and additionally it’s hoped to scoop us W7 users in the mix. W8 users will already be on-board with W10 I would guess.

      Making W10 the universal OS that is compatible between the desktop and smartphone will appeal to many people, and being able to perform one action on the smartphone and sync instantly to the desktop or vice versa is something MS are keen to pursue, develop and conquer.

      1. Their are a lot more free compatible OS upgrades out their for XP users to use instead of trying to find a Windows OS that is compatible with the software that XP runs. I am running W10 TP in a VM on this machine.

        1. Hopefully this might be last time I need to state the following “an o/s is just that, an o/s”. It’s an established fact that when M$ made the XP o/s, it broke the mold. But, if it’s the “look and feel” of XP that people like and want, there are third party utilities that do exactly that, and the same goes for Vista and Windows 7 users. I cannot wait to install Windows 10, because it returns things back to the way XP users liked it in the first place.

          Now, as mentioned, each new o/s offers security improvements (forget about bugs, as each o/s has them), and this is what really matters. And I’m willing to bet that M$ will extend that one year FREE for all those who climbed onboard, getting it’s money from those who missed the offer. It’s a no brainier, get the FREE upgrade, Mindblower!

        2. Hi Mindblower
          You are thinking to much of Windows. I would rather run XP in a dual boot with Linux or Linux in a VM than have anything that MS has to offer with W10. W10 like XP, I do believe that will be an ongoing debate.

      2. Microsoft has already said if you watched the webcast last week that Windows 10 will be free to those using Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 for the first year after 10’s release, no more, no less. They cannot reneg on it now.
        XP users that choose to stay with XP even after 10’s release will get stuck paying for Windows 10 even within the first year of release, XP users who want to take advantage of Windows 10 for free must upgrade to 7 or 8 / 8.1 by the time Windows 10 is released.

        Windows 10 price after that first year? is anyone’s guess, the “writers of IT” have not mentioned it yet because Microsoft has not mentioned it yet.

        1. This Windows 10 free period is not geared to get XP users caught up as much as it is an apology from Microsoft for giving us the debacle called Windows 8.
          Windows XP is not even supported by Microsoft anymore and if your still clinging to it you’d better seriously start thinking about upgrading , comparing XP to 10 is like XP being compared to Windows 98, there is no comparison, it’s technology and it’s just going to keep improving whether you want it to or not and whether it’s appealing to you or not.
          Now I will admit XP was and is a great OS but those of you still using it on a daily basis as your main OS are clinging to a dinosaur, you roll the dice every time you connect to the internet because sooner or later there is going to be a huge hole found and Microsoft just is not going to patch it.
          It’s about time to jump that sinking ship and move on with technology, if it’s software that is holding you back, some of what you have may be able to run in compatibility mode on 10 and those that won’t run you just may have to repurchase which I have had to do myself a couple of times, it’s the nature of the beast.
          Technology is a bitch, from the time I was a teen I must have bought the same music over at least three to four times already with the advancements from vinyl to cd, computers and software are the same way.

        2. (“Those of you still using XP on a daily basis as your main OS”) What you are saying is true and should be greatly considered, but for those who need to run XP, it can be done but not as the main OS. If one is on a sinking ship then one either abandons the ship or find a way to patch it. I will upgrade one of my machines to W10 but it is not the OS I need for my XP machine.

  11. The Oncoming Storm

    no bloody way am i upgrading to this worthless joke of an os. die hard win 7 user here and i plan on keeping with it until it no longer has any updates available.

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