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  • Beware: New Ransomware threatens Mac OS X & Windows Users

    Security researchers have uncovered a new type of ransomware which is not actually designated as malware but attempts to extort payment from its victims nevertheless. The new strain of ransomware is being labeled “HTML Ransomware” and it works by injecting JavaScript code into the browser. This is a pretty savvy approach on several levels: Because […]

  • Beware: Fake AV/Ransomware combination!

    Fake Anti-Virus programs and Ransomware have both been around for a while now. Fake Anti-virus (AKA Rogue Security Software) in particular was very prevalent during 2010, with Ransomware coming to prominence more recently. It appears the cybercrooks are now combining both these threats into a single scourge dubbed ‘Secure Bit’… what some pundits are describing […]

  • Beware: Bogus free Windows 8 Activator!

    Man, these cybercrooks are good; clever and very quick to seize on any opportunity to relieve unsuspecting users of their hard earned cash or personal information. This most recent scam, brought to notice by Trend Micro researchers, clearly targets users’ innate attraction for bargains and ‘free’ offers. Windows 8 naturally generates curiosity among users and Windows supporters. Its popularity […]

  • Beware these (free?) Clipboard replacement utilities!

    Our friends over at FreewareBB have uncovered a devious plot by developers unknown to promote Clipboard replacement software. The software is available under four different titles (that we are currently aware of) and being publicized and distributed via 4 different sites – but they are all one and the same. And it doesn’t end there: […]

  • Warning: Beware privacyroot.com

    The issues with so-called freeware available from privacyroot.com were first brought to our attention by Marko, owner and administrator of our recommended freeware download site FreewareBB. The privacyroot.com home page displays summarized details of four software titles, three of which are clearly specified as being free: However, when you download, install and run the software […]

  • Lavasoft owners accused of nefarious deeds

    Did you know that Lavasoft, the company responsible for development and distribution of the once very popular Ad-Aware, was acquired by a Canadian consortium in January this year? Well, I must admit, it was news to me. Now, in a twist of irony, it appears that the new owners were once the target of Lavasoft’s […]

  • Beware the latest email scam – malware!

    The latest scam being utilized to propagate malware involves emails purporting to emanate from an official postal service. The emails include an attachment of course, and that is where the malware lurks. I was first notified of this latest scam just a couple of days ago by a very good friend who lives in Victoria, […]

  • Fake Microsoft Scams

    We recently posted on the forum warning our readers about a telephone scam which has been doing the rounds and proliferating: The scam starts with a phone call from someone claiming to be a Microsoft representative. They will tell the consumer that they have received numerous error reports from the home Windows PC and need […]