Fortect – Is It Legit?

Fortect is a PC repair and optimization service that is being heavily promoted across the web, but is it legit?

I’ve previously looked into and exposed the notorious tech-support scams Reimage Repair and Restoro and in this article, I’ll be putting Fortect under the microscope.

Fortect Reviews

Editorial reviews are pretty much unanimously favorable but, considering the history of these types of services and their penchant for offering lucrative affiliate revenue deals, that is hardly surprising. I’ve never really fully trusted editorial anyway because of the quid pro quo arrangements that are often involved.

User reviews through sites such as Trustpilot are also largely favorable with a majority of 5-star reviews. This alone raises concerns for me. Human nature dictates that most folk will only submit a review when they have something to complain about and are much less likely to submit a review if everything goes to plan with no issues at all. The abundance of 5-star reviews for Fortect does raise suspicions of fake reviews.

Fortect Ownership

This is where I struck the first red flag. I could not locate any information about the company that owns and operates Fortect, not even the name of the company. Checking the Fortect URL through Whois subsequently revealed that the domain’s ownership is hidden behind a proxy:

Fortect Domain

Domains By Proxy is a service that specializes in providing anonymity for domain owners:

Domains By Proxy

There are a number of legitimate uses for this type of proxy service but the main and overriding reason is to hide one’s identity. Whois also reveals that the Fortect domain was first registered in 2021 and is hosted by GoDaddy in the U.S. and that is the only information I could find regarding the company behind Fortect.

Fortect In Action

Fortect initially involves downloading a client application that is installed on the PC. The sole purpose of this application is to scan the host PC for issues and present a final report on what requires fixing – it does not fix anything itself. The initial download consists of a 734KB executable but running the executable then initiates a further 7.96MB download. Personally, I dislike this sort of behavior because it makes it extremely difficult to check what’s been downloaded.

I installed the Fortect application in a brand new pristine Windows 10 virtual machine and the following screenshot shows the results of Fortect’s scan:

(click image to enlarge)

351 privacy issues, 3 crashed programs with 4 issues and 67 registry issues… in a brand-new Windows 10 installation? I don’t think so. Clicking the Start Repair button does not initiate any sort of repairs but merely takes you to a website where you are prompted to purchase one of Fortect’s annual plans:

Fortect Pricing

To add insult to injury, there is nothing in those scan results that couldn’t easily be fixed using free software.

Fortect – The Verdict

I must admit, the preponderance of favorable Fortect reviews is enticing. However, the fact that the company behind Fortect is unwilling to disclose any information about itself – name, location, origins, or history – definitely raises a big red flag. I’ll share one negative (1-star) user review posted on ScamAdviser which pretty much sums it up for me:

Fortect is absolutely a scam; they purchase domain names like “” and then use a bot to post hundreds of fake problem-solving articles on those domains. In every article the “solution” is to download the Fortect app. The content of these phishing sites is then indexed by major search engines, so the fake solutions appear in search results when people go looking for help with Windows problems.

I tend to agree. In my opinion, Fortect displays all the traits of a typical scan-and-bait scam. I would suggest that you avoid Fortect.

Stay safe out there!

16 thoughts on “Fortect – Is It Legit?”

  1. Well Jim. I tried to find pros and cons, there were plenty, but them I had to ask myself, with all the well known programs already out there, do we really need another? Will admit my answer is NO, Mindblower!

  2. Thanks for the info Jim. Always good to expose these scam artists.

    BTW, I hope your grandkids are doing well and you are enjoying them.

      1. WOW! I can’t believe it has been that long ago. Mine are all grown up too, in their 30s but are raising pets instead of kids – except for one adopted grandson who has 3 kids.

        Well, wishing you and the family the best.

        1. Time seems to pass by faster and faster as one gets older. We have 11 great grandkids now, and more on the way. 🙂

          Thanks Bob, wishing you and yours all the best too mate,

          Cheers… Jim

  3. Peter Thompson

    Did you mean MB when you said 7.9GB for the extra download?

    7.9 GB seems extremely large and if it was this much, it makes me wonder what else was downloaded

  4. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for this article. I found Fortect on the start menu and I do NOT remember downloading or installing it. Google and Bing AI were no help finding info about it. No authorship or ownership info made me suspicious. The report of all the supposed problem further raised red flags for me. My decision was to uninstall it. But does it really uninstall or is it hiding some malware? I am looking for a rescue scan tool now to do a deep dive and see what lurks. Thanks again for you article and candid comments.
    Jim Foley

  5. Well written piece, thank you Jim.

    I was very alarmed after several consecutive BSOD incidents that occured immediately after startup, so that prompted a rushed and hurried search, which pointed me in the direction of this software. However, something about the big shiny exclamation marks and the overall style definitely triggered my suspicion, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who found it fishy. Total baitware. Uninstalled right then and there after scanning without even going so far as to click the “fix it” button and see for myself that it’s behind a paywall.

    Always very much advisable to exercise healthy and critical judgement in this day and age. Really can’t be too careful anymore, unfortunately. Cheers.

  6. Sad to admit I am amo g those people who have paid for a pat on the head and a suggestion that everything is hunky-dorey.. Restoro got me for a year and now Forteck.. the same screens come up and do nothing but take timne.. Thank you for confirming this scam.. Jaye Parker

    1. Hi Jaye,

      These types of scams are so sophisticated, well advertised, and professionally presented, it’s no wonder people are continually falling into the trap. Trust me Jaye, you are one among millions.

  7. I have had problems with the software, too. It’s been running for 17 hours using the so-called at least “3 minute” scan. Al-
    so, I discovered that the unresisted version responds from the download folder. I had to isolate this problem to see why.
    Thanks for pulling our coat tails. I’m going back to System Mechanic!
    Jim C.

  8. Going to request a refund. We’ll see how that goes. 😉
    What program did your responder choose to use in order to fully UNinstall? You would suggest same?
    You mentioned free apps. Would you share please? Or are they basic C: properties clean up?
    A fellow stated going back to SystemMechsnic. Had you recommended this? Would you mind posting a list of scans one should do (detailed steps please) such as sfc /scsnnow (and its variations) DISM (separate steps) CHKDSK. when to and when not to and in what order Seems like there are a few …. (Something) (?) sysmon and others. Cannot seem to keep them all in one decipherable location. Another thing I believe many would benefit is scans and logs or reports to run (logs) that could be sent in (? Where) for issue diagnosis. I have attempted configuring and analyzing Win logs only to waste my time discovering nothing much other than accumulating huge logs I’d forgotten to close.

    1. Hey Jody,

      It’s not as deep/complex as your comment suggests. Something like PrivaZer (free and portable) will achieve pretty much everything that Fortect purports to achieve:

      For software recommendations (such as uninstallers) I suggest you visit our “Software” page which can be accessed by clicking the “Software” link in the menu across the top of each page. Here is a link:

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