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    Getting Started with LastPass

    Tech writers are always pushing people to start using a password manager, and there are very good reasons for that – not least of which is that a password is the lock on the gate to your accounts and sensitive data. If you use a flimsy, easily broken lock your accounts and data are at […]

  • LastPass Security Challenge

    LastPass really wants to keep you safe. Besides just keeping all your long and hard to guess passwords safe, LastPass can give you a safety score and show you how to make your score higher. (Better security!) To start your Security Check, open LastPass and look at the left column in your vault. When you […]

  • Secure computing using Lastpass

    Sometimes, a program or utility becomes such a part of the computing experience that we take it for granted. Such is the case with LastPass; it seems so “there” that I don’t even remember how long I’ve been using it. What I do remember is why I started using it. I had been using the […]