LastPass Security Challenge

LastPass really wants to keep you safe.

Besides just keeping all your long and hard to guess passwords safe, LastPass can give you a safety score and show you how to make your score higher. (Better security!)

To start your Security Check, open LastPass and look at the left column in your vault.


When you click this link you will see a new screen.

lp-getscoreClick the red button labeled ‘Get Your Score’, and type your LastPass password in the provided box.


Click Continue and LastPass will access your vault and check to see if any of the email addresses in your vault are found in connection with known security breaches.

You can also see if any of the sites found in your vault were vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack.


    The detailed results will let you know if you need to fix some stuff.

The Analyzed Sites section will show all the results for each site in your vault. Lastpass isn’t perfect, it showed a password age for one of my email accounts as two years old, but the password was changed less than a month ago. Still, it did provide a lot of information that needed to be fixed. I saw some passwords that weren’t as strong as they should have been, so I went to those sites and changed the passwords to something much more secure. I also saw a few forgotten accounts that I just cancelled.

There is also a section to help users improve their score.

While LastPass isn’t perfect, the Security Challenge is a wonderful way to make sure your accounts are as secure as you can make them.

If you don’t have LastPass, you can get it here. It really is ‘the last password keeper you will ever need’.


3 thoughts on “LastPass Security Challenge”

  1. i always appreciate security tips. been looking to upgrade my password program but just cannot use one that keeps my passwords on someone else’s computer. thanks.

  2. Richard- any help re: child themes? I keep hearing they’re best to work with, yet tough to find walkthroughs.


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