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  • Find Out What Google Knows About You

    It doesn’t seem all that long ago when concerns over Google’s tracking habits and subsequent privacy issues were at the forefront. At the time, I remember plenty of users railing about Google’s data collection practices and swearing to never use Google for anything again. My, how things change! Gmail is now probably the most popular […]

  • google-app-launcher-featured-image

    RIP Google Chrome App Launcher

    What is the Google App Launcher? Shame on you <wicked laugh> for not knowing about it.  I use it and am a big fan of it. Many of the writers on the DCT Team have their  specific Browser Preferences.  I am a Google Chrome fan. I use many of Google’s apps and features. One of […]

  • Google Image Search Just Got Better

    Looks like Google image search is getting even better. At least for your cell phones. Just this last Wednesday Google added a very cool feature to their image search which is long overdue. Now you can save photos to your browser instead of your gallery. This will save you from having to download them off […]

  • How To Search Using Images On Google

    When people are Google searching most of us just use the basic search, right?  However, there is more you can do with Google search than you might think. In this article I’m focusing on a certain feature I think is very helpful, and cool. Let’s say you have an image on your computer that you like, […]

  • Where In The World Is Tech Man?

    Since I know all my loyal fans who love reading my articles are probably wondering where I’ve been for the past month, I thought I’d write a little article explaining what I’ve been up to. What has been going on in my world involves great research and tech work, taking on large and small jobs […]

  • Learning Computers: Search Engines

    Links to all articles included in this series: The Beginning: Opening introduction to the series Browsers: What are they? How to make them a safer door to Web. Search Engines: The Good, Bad and Ugly. Understanding search results. (you are here) Malware and Virus: What is Malware? – What is a Virus? What is the difference […]

  • Should Your Car Be Driving For You?

    Since I was a kid I have always dreamed of replicators, teleporters and self-driving cars – blame Star Trek. I would never have thought that one of these would be invented during my lifetime. I guess I was wrong because for many years some big-name companies have been working on making this a reality. Companies […]

  • 6 Google Search Tips You Should Know

    We all know how versatile Google search is but here are a number of additional tips that you may or may not be aware of. Math in a Search Box Did you know that answers to mathematical calculations are instantly available right there from within Google search? Simply type your calculation into the Google search […]