Big Tech Out Of Control?

Seems to me that big tech – and we’re talking Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc, – are out of control and treating users with disdain. Whatever happened to customer support and why is there no longer any human contact with these major online presences?

Microsoft logoMicrosoft: Microsoft’s recent history speaks for itself. Coding experts who once checked the validity of updates and bundled software have all been replaced by the “Insider Program” consisting of millions of users with dubious credentials, and consumer support is practically non-existent. Windows 11’s rigid requirements that, within three short years, will see comparatively new machines unable to run any supported version of Windows. In fairness to Microsoft, I must say that the Redmond giant is certainly not the worst offender but seems to have spent much of the past couple of years making up for lost time.

eBay logoeBay: Did you know that eBay did away with its “Resolution Center” some time back? The Resolution Center was a means of direct contact with eBay to report a problem with a purchase or vendor. Doing away with the Resolution Center might have saved eBay a fair amount of money but it will have almost certainly had the adverse effect of also eroding consumer trust. The onus is now well and truly on the buyer to make doubly sure the vendor can be trusted to do the right thing.

Facebook Logo Facebook: Many of you will already be aware that all links to have been banned by Facebook. The only reason we’ve ever been advised of is a cryptic message saying that we, apparently, violated some rule. What rule, when, and how, remains a complete mystery. I find it very difficult to comprehend how a simple tech-help and computer tips blog could possibly violate anyone’s rules, let alone Facebook’s. Once again, there is no channel of communication available, no way to request more details, request a review, or defend ourselves. Facebook – judge, jury, and executioner.

Google logoGoogle: Google is Google, enough said. News has recently broken that the Google Safe Browsing feature, utilized by most popular browsers, is blocking all downloads from flagging the downloads as “dangerous”. has long been a reputable source for downloading perfectly safe portable freeware. How this came about is a mystery but the damage caused could potentially be catastrophic. So much so that, for the time being, PortableApps has been forced to redirect all open-source software downloads through SourceForge while, apparently, a workaround for freeware downloads is still in the works. ~ <source>


It is my opinion that these tech giants have grown far too wealthy and powerful, to the extent where they can pretty much do as they please. The arbitrary decisions they make display a complete lack of concern for any potentially catastrophic consequences. They will do as they like when they like and we are powerless to do anything about it.

It’s about time governments stepped in and passed legislation to make these tech giants accountable for their actions. Then again, I’m guessing most, if not all, of the tech giants would donate generously toward political campaign funding and there is always an element of quid pro quo involved, is there not?

10 thoughts on “Big Tech Out Of Control?”

  1. Big tech out of control….
    Annoying Windows notifications….
    Software vendors moving to subscriptions…..
    Streaming services adding Ads…..

    Do I detect a little Grumpy Old Man Syndrome in your current posts? Since I share your opinions, I guess I have Grumpy Old Man Syndrome, too!


  2. Add another grumpy old fart to your list of agreeable followers.
    YouTube is another place where you can be banned or earn a strike against you because an algorithm disagreed with your interpretation of the rules. Big Brother has turned into brother Cain.

    1. I think the problem is a lot of websites rely too heavily on automation.

      There’s also the debate on if website should be allowed to be political. People often believe in freedom of speech until something is said they don’t agree with.

  3. I agree, but I feel it’s been automated to the point of absolutely inhuman.

    And so many of us are forced to fend for ourselves, companies hire companies who are essentially hired hacks to help navigate the impregnatable fortress.

    Youtube is no better, baning videos at random.

    It’s a mad mad mad world (grumpy old man reference there)

  4. Sounds as if the bean counters (i.e. accountants) are in control of the companies any more. Once they step in everything just goes down the tubers.
    Also these companies are starting to sound like monopolies. I thought that they were outlawed (Unlawful?). Of course I have been known to have been wrong a coupe of times in my life. Oh well.

    1. With 30+ years with a Fortune 100 company in marketing and operations, I coined the phrase for our accounting team, “The Sales Prevention Dept.”!
      Every time we came up with a great promotion idea, the bean-counters would invariably interrupt with “we can’t account for this and/or that at store level”! So it would not pass their profit vs. risk algorithm. Of course, we would sit there shaking our heads, even after showing a million $ “net profit”!

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