Samsung Family HUB – SuperFridge!

Samsung Family Hub – the smartest smart fridge ever

Now if you are into technology like me you have probably heard of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The 2016 CES featured some amazing new technology for us consumers. With so many cool gadgets and appliances, I had to focus on one. The “One” (a little like The Matrix) which stood out the most to me was the Samsung Family HUB Smart Fridge (especially since I was hungry at the time). You wouldn’t think manufacturers would have to improve much on the humble refrigerator but leave it to Samsung to let us know we were wrong. With this new fridge they have added technology that you might not think is needed in a fridge. So here is a little break down of what this “COOL” new fridge can offer.

The Samsung Family HUB Smart Fridge:

Samsungs Smart Fridge Or Robot Mom pic1

To start things off you get to have a 21.5” display screen on the front. Because who doesn’t need a computer screen on the front of their fridge. I know I do!! At least this screen will open a whole new world you can explore with man’s best friend… the fridge. Sorry Dog, I think this fridge might be giving you a run for your money.

What can you do with this display? A lot! Here are some of the features

  • Listen to music on Pandora, since we all need a good jam when making a sandwich. The jams come with Blue Tooth speakers.
  • Stream your TV so you never miss a second of Game Of Thrones. Trust me this is important.
  • Look up recipes and have it talk you through the cooking process.
  • Order your groceries right from the fridge.
  • Leave notes on the Display.
  • It will even tell you the weather outside.
  • Maybe you can play Angry Birds (that is not confirmed yet). Idea: if you lose, the fridge locks. Just a thought for Samsung to ponder.

Samsungs Smart Fridge Or Robot Mom pic 2

This refrigerator even has cameras on the inside of the fridge to keep an eye on your food. If you are running out of milk this fridge will let you know. The cameras can even be accessed by an app on your phone so when you are shopping you can see what you might have forgotten.

Plus, it will watch expiration dates so you don’t eat food that has gone bad. Almost like having mom living with you again (that can be good or bad).

Samsung is expecting to launch this new Fridge in Spring 2016 and estimated costs are around $5,000. I guess a small amount for all the cool features you get with this fridge.

Now the question is whether or not this is something that you would buy, do you need your fridge informing you that your bread is moldy and you need to buy more?


5 thoughts on “Samsung Family HUB – SuperFridge!”

  1. Um, how lazy have I become if I need a fridge to check an expiration date? My built in safety mechanism has worked great for 40 years, if it tastes bad or smells bad it must be bad. Also shouldn’t we try to move attention away from eating as much as possible? Instead please give me as many reasons to stay by the fridge, trust me I don’t need more motivation. Now talk to me about food replicators like on Star Trek and I may be more lenient. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun bit of tech, but I am trying not to be 400 pounds 🙂

    1. Yes it does seem technology is making life way to easy. Causing us not to think for ourselves and stopping us from being active. I agree with you, how lazy do we have to be not to realize when our food is not good anymore.

  2. OGJonnyB, totally agree with you. The added cameras and a phone app, mean one more thing that can get hacked. Better not walk around the fridge in your birthday suite, less you want your photo appearing on social media, Mindblower! 🙂

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