Amazon Echo Getting A Smaller, Portable Version

amazon echo2For those of you who missed the opportunity to get the Amazon Echo for its launch price of $99, you may be able to get one in the coming weeks for less than the current $180 price tag. That is, as long as you don’t mind (or maybe even prefer) a smaller, portable version. According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is expected to release a portable version of its Amazon Echo, code name “Fox”, in the coming weeks.

While Amazon has not released sales figures for the Echo, it appears to be a hit for Amazon. Since its launch, 95 new features and skills have been added. Amazon wouldn’t bother to do so if it was a dud. Some of the features, provided by its assistant, Alexa, include reading audiobooks as well as providing news, traffic, sports and weather reports. In addition, you can play music, including Prime Music if you are an Amazon Prime member, control lights and other compatible smart home devices.

While the Echo must be plugged in as is always on, the Fox will have an internal battery and will need to be activated to hear and respond to commands in order to save battery life. Since Amazon will not comment on the impending Fox, the launch date and price are not known at this time.

I have an Echo and it finished 3rd, closely behind my Apple Watch and Amazon Fire tablet, in my favorite tech purchases last year. I will be checking out the Fox once it is released to see if I want to take Alexa on the road.


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