PhoneClean: Helps clean & speed up iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

I ran into this freeware when I was troubleshooting my wife’s iPhone and wanted to pass on this free goodie to all.

It helps clean up junk files and give you more free space, thus speeding up your operation on either the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

It cleans the cache/off line files such as images, snapshots and audio video media, which in effect slims down your apps.  This speedup could be significant, particularly on the iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4(s).  There is an option to keep your docs, photos and PDF files intact, as well as browsing and chatting information. 2


PhoneClean 3

It helps get rid of partially downloaded or sync failed media files. Failed or unexpectedly terminated iTunes syncs can generate corrupt or temporary media files.  This can be particularly bad for IOS 4 or below, because of the old school iTunes sync methods.

PhoneClean 4

This free app also cleans up cookies and script files, before you back them up on iTunes or iCloud.  Remember cookies are tracking files left by websites that you visit and script files are plain text files written in notepad or some other text editor and saved with a particular file extension like  .vbs, for visual basic. These scripts can get malware injected into them and cause problems, cleaning them up can prevent a leak or abuse of your personal information.

Simply download the .exe file here: and install onto your PC or Mac.  Then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and run the program.  It will allow to you uncheck any areas that you don’t want scanned, then displays a report at the end.  After running the cleaner you should reboot your device to help finalize the cleanup.

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