Further 60+ Free Technical eBooks from Microsoft

We’ve reported the availability of free eBooks from Microsoft previously, some time last year from memory. Apparently, previous releases have been so popular that Microsoft, in particular Sales Excellence Program Manager Eric Ligman, has recently made a further 60 plus eBooks available for download. As before, these books are all free with the vast majority available in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats … a few are available in PDF format only.

Be aware that these eBooks are pretty technical and more suited for advanced users; covering topics such as SharePoint, SQL Server, Web Development, Windows Azure, and Windows Server, they are certainly not light reading. The selection of books is divided into specific categories with individual titles available within each group.

Visit the MSDN blog page here: Huge Collection of Free Microsoft eBooks, then just scroll down the page, locate a category of interest and click on the blue link to download a title in your preferred format – you can download as many as you like:

MS free ebooks


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4 thoughts on “Further 60+ Free Technical eBooks from Microsoft”

  1. Hi Jim Hiller,
    The “Read More” link for the topic “Further 60+ Free Technical eBooks from Microsoft” leads to DVDSmith freeware.
    Greets, RandiO

  2. Thank you Jim. What is SQL and is it useful, or even necessary for the home user, in this case a retired old man.

    Speaking of eBooks, is there anything on how to repair the Backup and Restore in Windows 7, the
    dysfunctionality of which thousands of users have posted about on countless Forums?

    1. Hi BallyIrish – One old geezer to another. 🙂

      SQL = Structured Query Language. It’s a special language used for managing (usually large) associated databases. And no, it would be of very little use to the average home user. In fact, the vast majority of eBooks listed on the MSDN page are more suited to techies, professionals, and highly advanced users.

      I agree that Backup and Restore in Windows 7 is dysfunctional, my Windows 7 recovery disc boots okay but doesn’t recognize any operating systems, so it’s useless. As far as I know there are no remedies or solutions, except to utilize a third party alternative.

      Cheers… Jim

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