Merry Christmas From DCT!


From everyone at Dave’s Computer Tips, we hope you, your family, and your friends all  have a Wonderful Holiday!


17 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From DCT!”

    1. Thanks Mindblower!

      Next year, we’ll attack Windows some more, yes? 🙂

      Happy Holidays,

  1. Christine Holliday

    I love how you don’t talk ‘above’ a senior like myself…your talk is clear enough for even me to understand! hehehe… I’m not a total tech peasant, just want to get by as simply as I can. thanks for being here! hehe Merry HOHOHOHO

    1. Hi Christine!

      We try very hard to write in plain English; that’s not always easy when it comes to techy stuff.

      Have a wonderful holiday!

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