Articles about Windows Home Server V1

  • Windows Home Server V1 Drive Extender

    NOTE: This article was written in 2008 in response to an email received from Colin. It briefly explains Drive Extender and touches on configuration ~ Dave The most important thing to do when building a Windows Home Server is to install the largest drive you have as the primary system drive. The reason behind this […]

  • An introduction to Windows Home Server V1

    This article was originally written about Windows Home Server, but many of the features and basic abilities hold true for the new version, Windows Home Server 2011 ~ Dave A Little Background You may have heard the term "server" before. Servers are computers that serve content, files, web pages, email, and other things to multiple […]

  • How to backup your Windows Home Server V1

    We’ve talked about how useful Windows Home Server is in the past. We’ve also talked about how Windows Home Server protects your files by duplicating them on multiple hard drives to protect against failure. But my motto has always been, “You can never have enough backups!” If you’re Uninteruptable Power Supply fails, your motherboard dies […]

  • How do backups work in Windows Home Server V1

    The best feature for the home user in Windows Home Server has to be the backup of every Windows based computer on your network. Once you have installed the Connector software on a computer WHS will begin backing it up automatically. There are settings that you can control such as: backup time and number of […]