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    How to Disable Paste Options in Word

    Turns out that the Paste Options in Word can be annoying to some folks! We all know what Paste Options means, but just in case you do not, let me refresh your memory. When you copy a little nugget of text and want to paste it into your document, Word will display a little button […]

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    How to Convert Lists to Text in Word 2010

    If you are a user of the numbered list feature in Word, you may have noticed that the numbers at the beginning of each item cannot be selected. And, as you add or delete items from your list, the other items are automatically renumbered. Normally this is what you would expect to happen and are […]

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    Find & Replace Tricks for Word 2010

    I would like to share a few handy and useful tricks for using the Find & Replace feature in Word with you. Feel free to follow along on your own computer, using your own documents. I usually encourage that interaction because once you have actually done something it becomes a bit easier to remember. Have […]

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    How to Use Leaders for Tab Stops in Word

    I am sure you all know how to set tab stops in your Word documents by now. Word gives you complete control regarding which characters (to a certain extent) you can insert in the blank space created by the tab you insert in your document. The characters I am referring to are called Leaders and […]

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    How To Create A TOC In Word 2013

    One thing I have learned is that, even though I’m a tech, I don’t know everything. Yes, I admit it. That’s why I married a very smart woman who will every so often teach me something I did not know. Saying that, my wife has shown me a process that I would like to share […]

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    How to Create a Sidehead in your Word Document

    Sidehead? What in the heck is a sidehead?? A lot of folks scratch their heads when I mention this topic as they have never heard the term before. Well sideheads are document headings that are in the margin of your document rather than in the body of your document. Something new, to shake things up […]