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    How to Split a Word 2010 Document

    Not sure what key combination I accidentally hit the other day in my office while working on a document (time sensitive of course) but lo and behold I suddenly had a split screen in front of me! Half of my document was in the top screen and the other half was in the bottom. Now, […]

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    How to Use Custom Footnote Marks in Word

    As you know, footnotes are used in documents to provide references or annotations. It is very easy to insert automatic footnotes in documents using Word, but suppose you would like to use a custom footnote mark? Turns out you can do this and just as easily as you insert the automatic footnotes! Follow the steps […]

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    How to Add Cross-References to Footnotes in Word 2013

    In Academia there are often very lengthy documents that have myriad footnotes and they sometimes necessitate cross-referencing. This often occurs in technological business manuals as well. The issue here is that when you use automatic footnote numbering the cross-references can be a burden if you have to update them manually. Fortunately, Word allows you to […]

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    Create Compound Characters in Word

    One of the questions I am often asked is how to create compound characters in Word. Sometimes folks want a caret in mathematics or scientific equations. Word, by default, makes certain compound characters available to you straight out of the box. These characters depend on the typefaces you employ in your document. You can very […]

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    How to Format Multiple Word Documents

    You may have wondered if there is a method where you could format multiple documents so that they will be formatted uniformly because it is often difficult to work with documents when they are formatted differently. The one way that you can make this happen is by using Styles. I know, I know, I heard […]