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    Create Compound Characters in Word

    One of the questions I am often asked is how to create compound characters in Word. Sometimes folks want a caret in mathematics or scientific equations. Word, by default, makes certain compound characters available to you straight out of the box. These characters depend on the typefaces you employ in your document. You can very […]

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    How to Format Multiple Word Documents

    You may have wondered if there is a method where you could format multiple documents so that they will be formatted uniformly because it is often difficult to work with documents when they are formatted differently. The one way that you can make this happen is by using Styles. I know, I know, I heard […]

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    How to Create an Interactive Form in Word 2010

    Creating forms in Word is easy – folks do it all the time! But suppose you want a form that folks can fill in – on their computer? Not to worry! Turns out you can do this, and fairly painlessly as well! You will need to use the Developer tab in order to create your […]

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    How to Change Return Address Location in Word 2010

    The Envelope feature in Word is pretty intuitive and fairly easy to use so that you can create really professional looking envelopes that rival the ones you get at the Stationers. Word makes it so easy in fact, that it takes the liberty of assuming where your return address and addressee information should be placed. […]

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    How to Change Highlighting in Word

    Have a document that has multiple highlighting in it? Yes, lots of folks DO have documents like this and sometimes they have a need to change the color of the highlighting. It could be that you have more than one person working on the document and you need a different color highlighting for a couple […]

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    How to Set a Starting Line Number in Word

    If you have ever worked on very long documents that use line number, you may have, for some reason, stored a parts of the document in different files. But, wait! You do not want the line numbers to start over when you print the different documents do you? Follow the steps below to learn how […]

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    How to Show Keyboard Shortcuts on ScreenTips in Word 2010

    Normally ScreenTips will appear when you position your mouse over a toolbar button. Their function is to display a hint about what the button does. Go ahead and hover your cursor over the Underline tool on the Home tab of your Ribbon and you will see a ScreentTip telling you “Underline.” But, if you would […]