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    How to Print Multiple Selections of an Excel Document

    Have you ever received a workbook from a colleague and wanted to print selections from more than one worksheet and have them all print on the same page? Sounds like voodoo magic doesn’t it? It can be done and doesn’t involve any crazy magic either! The easiest method to do this would be to set […]

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    How to Hide Graphics When Filtering in Excel

    Very often graphics are used in worksheets. Sometimes the graphics are used to demonstrate what resides in the cells and that is fine. Usually graphics sort with cells well. However, when you apply filters to those cells the graphics sometimes bunch up at the top of the visible cells. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we […]

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    How to Find Merged Cells in Excel

    Most folks will tell you that Merged cells are a pain in the butt! Why? Because they can cause you lots of problems when you are selecting ranges, pasting, sorting, and other functions. Perhaps you may be in the habit of not using merged cells in your worksheet, but have fallen prey to them in […]

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    Excel – Some Neat Cell Tricks

    When you have large worksheets in your Excel workbooks it can be cumbersome and time-consuming to move around in them. This is a slick little trick that has existed in Excel for a very long time, but most folks do not know about it. Follow the steps below to learn how: To quickly jump to […]

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    Extract Records From Excel Using Advanced Filter

    Many businesses use Excel to manage data that employees work with on a daily basis (i.e., invoice data, shipping records, product name, etc.). In some instances, when working with this information, it becomes necessary to extract records based on different criteria. This is a prime example of when you would use filtering. Just suppose you […]

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    How to Remove Useless Worksheets in Excel

    So what do you do when your colleague sends you an Excel workbook with three or more pages? Well what’s the problem with that?? I will tell you – most of the time there is only one page in that workbook with data in it, which makes the other two pages useless in my humble […]

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    How to Assign Macros to your Excel 2013 Ribbon & QAT

    Everyone wants to save time and I am a big proponent of that! I love to save time and keystrokes because it allows me more time to do the things I enjoy, like riding my bike, or knitting, or playing with grandchildren! So, one thing that has always saved me time is macros. I use […]

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    How to Adjust Row Heights for Text in Excel 2010

    You can easily put more text into a cell than will display properly and while you can widen your column to make the text fit, there are some instances where this might not be advisable. Instead, you can wrap your text within the cell such that your cell height will be increased to display all […]