6 Excel Tips For The Web

How often have you tried to do something that you thought should be relatively simple only to find that what you are doing simply isn’t working? Yes, I am well aware. It has happened to me more often than I am comfortable sharing!

To that end, today I am going to share some Excel Tips with you.

Follow the steps below to learn how…

Home Tab Has Most Frequently Used Features


  1. Clipboard features like cut, copy, and paste.
  2. Formatting features for fonts, alignment, and numbers.
  3. Features to work with tables and cells.
  4. Editing features to auto-sum, sort, and find data.

Use Insert Tab For Tables, Charts, etc

To insert rows, columns, and cells, see the right side of the Home tab.


Create Form To Collect Data

  1. Select Insert | Forms | New Form.
  2. Add your questions and responses.


Freeze Columns And Rows

Freeze columns and rows to keep them in view while you scroll through your data.

  1. Select your cell below the rows, and to the right of your columns that you would like to freeze.
  2. Click View | Freeze Panes | Freeze Panes.


Filter Data With A Table

Make your data into a table to create filters:

  1. Click inside your data.
  2. Select Insert | Table.


Let AutoSum Detect Your Range

If you have numbers in continuous cells, use the AutoSum button to automatically detect your range and sum your numbers.

  1. Select the cell below or to the right of your range to sum.
  2. Select Home | AutoSum.

Work Offline

OneDrive syncs files to your computer.

  1. Open File Explorer or the Mac Finder. You’ll see OneDrive is on the left.
  2. Copy files into this folder, move them around or rename them.

I think you are going to use more than one of these handy tips.  If I were you, I would save this and keep it handy on your desk!

You’re welcome!

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