My Facebook Was Hacked

Here’s a scenario that seems to come up a lot…

Your friends are getting friend requests from you even though they are already on your friend’s list. The good news here is that you are not hacked. The bad news, someone pretends to be you and sends out friend requests on Facebook.

Don’t worry, you are not hacked. If you were hacked they wouldn’t need to send friend requests to any of your friends because they would already have access to all your friends. They are sending friend requests because they created a new account using your name and picture. Facebook then suggests new friends based on what they think is an association with you. You are not a hacking victim but a victim of identity theft.

Don’t accept friend requests from people already on your list.

Here are some helpful links from Facebook:

How do I report a Facebook account or Page that’s pretending to be me or someone else?

or go directly to this form

How do I report someone that’s pretending to be me or someone else in Messenger?

I think my Facebook Page was hacked or taken over by someone else.

Hacked and Fake Accounts

Follow the instructions on each page. The clickable links usually appear as blue letters.

3 thoughts on “My Facebook Was Hacked”

  1. Scott Pizinger

    Hello, I never logged out of my fb account when I wiped it when I received my new phone. I have two step authentication set up and don’t get the codes on my new phone regardless of what app I use. I’m assuming this is because I can’t get a QR or key codes from fb for yhe app. I’ve sent my information drivers license, passport, things like that. I even sent back the notice I received from fb, which had the information of the account I’m trying to access. Can you direct me how to pull up a fb QR or a way that I can get good two step codes on my new phone? Thank you, Scott

    1. Terry Hollett

      If I understand correctly, what you should have done is put your new phone on your account before you erased your old one. Get a code on your old one first then remove the old one from your account. They are probably sending the codes to your old phone. You got your info sent in so there isn’t much more you can do but wait. By the way, the codes they send you are usually just numbers.

  2. Thanks Terry Hollett ! The article provides valuable information and practical tips for users who may have experienced a similar situation. The author’s personal experience and step-by-step guide on how to secure one’s account is helpful and reassuring. It is great to see individuals sharing their knowledge and helping others stay safe online. Thank you for sharing your story and providing useful advice!

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