Queen’s “Fat-Bottomed Girls” Cancelled


In a move said to be bowing to the cancel culture, woke mob, Queen has removed Fat Bottomed Girls from an edition of its 1981 Greatest Hits Vol 1 album for Yoto, a children’s music streaming and audio platform. One of the reasons given by Yoto is that the average age of the children is five years and the song would be inappropriate for younger audiences.

Erm, hang on a sec…

Hey, big woman / You made a bad boy out of me/Fat bottomed girls / You make the rocking world go around.

If I were to time travel back to when I was five years old and heard those lyrics, I would be giggling with my brother for the rest of the day because a child’s mind isn’t tainted by the nonsense we adults have to put up with today. Furthermore, the song has always been seen as an anthem to women of large proportions – a celebration if you like. I have to say that I’m completely befuddled as to why a reference to girls with fat bottoms would be inappropriate for children. Could it be that Yoto is worried that children will develop a hatred of women of this type? Or they will deride girls with fat bottoms? I hardly think so since Queen is quite openly telling us how their lives are enriched by said girls.

Another point this over-protection misses by several miles is that for many women/girls, it’s very fashionable to have a fat bottom, and such figures are described as thicc, would you believe? Yes, I also had to do a double-take when I first saw that word, but it’s a fact and it’s real. I’m tempted to post a photo of such girls, but since Google is your friend, you know where to look. The point here is that children will already be well aware of girls with chunky posteriors no matter how much parents or teachers try to shield them from the real world, so what’s the big deal?

Queen’s Greatest Hits On Yoto

One suspects that Queen must have cracked a very tidy deal with Yoto because it’s being advertised for £11.99/$15.21 which is outrageous when you consider that for less than that you could get a month of Spotify and every album Queen or anyone else ever made. But I digress.

You’ll notice that Bohemian Rhapsody has NOT been excluded which pretty much shoots both Yoto and what’s left of Queen in their respective feet because clearly they both consider the following lyrics to be entirely appropriate for young children:

Mama, just killed a man/Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger, now he’s dead/I don’t wanna die/I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all etc etc

But ‘fat bottomed girls, you make my rocking world go around’ is more dangerous than ‘putting a gun against his head and killing a man’? Or that the singer wishes he had never been born at all? Oh, give me a break, will you?

Naturally, there’s been an uproar over this debacle, and surprise, surprise, the majority being fat-bottomed women (by their own admission), who see the song as empowering and complementary. I have absolutely no doubt that, sadly, this will not be the last example of looney cancel culture to hit the news.

What are your views? Do you consider fat-bottomed girls to be dangerous?

5 thoughts on “Queen’s “Fat-Bottomed Girls” Cancelled”

  1. It is not dangerous, it is not defamatory or anything of the like, if anything it is a fact and there are plenty of them around (Fat bottomed girls)

    I don’t know why we keep bowing to the woke mobs ……. well yes I do know ….. it’s called the almighty dollar.

    I have the original album and the song on digital and will make it available to whomever wants it ….. regardless of what the wokies want or think.

  2. Funnily enough the Left in the US celebrate “Lizzo” who has a massively obese body and likes to twerk her rear end. Go figure.

  3. I agree with everything said here. But one thing I would like to see cancelled…..all political talk on DCT. Its a mistake that will destroy this platform.

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