Can you hear me now – Landline vs Cellphone

Doeshear now this sound familiar? Perhaps you heard it on a commercial for Verizon wireless


The great debate to keep the landline or not to keep.

There are some valid points to look at.  For the record I do have a smartphone and a landline.  At one point in time, I wanted to get rid of the landline, but could not convince my husband to do so.  After much research I agree with him (mind you that is for now, eventually I know landlines will go by the wayside like 8 track tapes and floppy disk drives).

One of my valid points is looking at it from a safety issue.  Here is one example where landline service was the winner hands down.  On September 11, 2001, when disaster struck New York City, tens of thousands of people were calling 911 emergency and the volume of calls flooded mobile towers. The calls would not go through because of the lack of frequency, so the network crashed. The overload of data signals not only delayed communications, but it also slowed down the response time of police and fire departments because they could not properly communicate.  Thank goodness for the landlines.

Knowing where the phone is during an emergency is crucial. The time it takes to find a cell phone can feel like an eternity when time is critical (and, what if the battery’s dead and you don’t have your charger? Or it’s in the car?).  I am notorious for misplacing my phone.  I put it in a pocket and hang the coat up, or set it down and someone moves it.  I am not one of those people that cannot take a step without having it in my hand.

With a landline, you never have to worry about whether you have minutes left or what to do when your battery dies.  If you have a landline, most likely you have multiple phones plugged in, so there’s always another one ready.

landlineCan you hear me now?

Comparing talking on the landline phone to when communicating via cellphone, you can enjoy:

  1. A crisp, crystal clear connection 24/7/365
    — OR —
  2. Dropped calls, constant buzzing, and wondering if the other person can you hear you

I have a vehicle with a hands free phone system that allows me to pair my cellphone to it.  Often I get people saying “can you talk a bit louder?  “What did you say?”

A landline connection offers you the highest quality voice transmissions – all the time – anywhere in the comfort of your home.

The power’s out – not your conversation

When the power’s out, a landline phone connection will work more than 99.9% of the time. It’s required by the FCC. This means you can still reach 911 and friends and family; they can all reach you too. Even if a major storm (tornado or hurricane) comes through the area. It might take out the cell tower, but it can’t take out the underground phone lines.

Get Free incoming calls

All incoming calls are Free on a landline for as long as you talk, no matter what time it is. No network to sign up for. No limitations. No worries about running out of minutes listening to mom talk about Aunt Judy, Uncle Dave, or Grandpa Jim.

If you think the price of your local phone service is too high, check again. New bundled pricing and other incentives are making the traditional landline cost effective (really, it’s true.)  We have High speed Internet service thru our cable company and it bundles our phone line.  We get unlimited long distance calls.  The price is very good too.

Make a statement

Your phtazphoneone can double as home decor, or serve to enhance it.   It can be a conversation starter.  I have a Tasmanian Devil Phone that gets lots of comments.  With so many designs, colors and styles to choose from, your landline phone can be a work of art, a reflection of who you are… not just a security net (now that’s a good deal!).

What are your thoughts for Landline Phone service?

It is not a matter of when it will become obsolete but more a pondering of the upsides of having one.


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