Best Ever Tech Related Fun Images

A picture is worth a thousand words!

I only write about my personal experiences and I seem to running out of them. I’m still fixing computers of course but it seems mostly to be the same old, same old. So this time I’m just going to post some of my favorite pictures from sources like Facebook.

The first one is because I actually know a woman who did this.


Chat Rooms might not be so prominent but some rules still apply.


Unfortunately, I do remember dial up and slow, slow connections.

old lady-dial up

Love these classic ads.

hard drive-ad (1)

classic ad two

One of the computing industries greatest slaps in the face is making people impatient. Every time I hear someone online complaining about a few seconds here and there I wish I could just reach through my monitor, over the Internet and slap them silly.

lost seconds

People Nowadays.

internet down


texting dead

people nowadays

And finally, I found a picture of my first computer. Anybody remember using one of these models?

the original computer


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  1. I guess what makes those cartoons so humorous is the large
    degree of truth to them. I still talk to mine and I’ve been at it
    since before “Hacker” was a dirty word.