Windows 10 Upgrade System Settings Explained

upgrade now-or elseIn the latest news on Microsoft’s aggressive quest to make Windows 10 the ubiquitous operating system it hopes for, the company recently announced that it will soon commence pushing the Windows 10 upgrade to small businesses and organizations. In conjunction with this move, Microsoft has also updated a support article detailing how users can prevent the upgrade to Windows 10.

However, that’s not why I am here today. I recently published an article about GWX Control Panel, a free application which, among other things, can be used to prevent the constant upgrade to Windows 10 nagging. You can catch up with that article here: How To Stop ‘Upgrade to Windows 10’ Nagging.

The creator of GWX Control Panel, Josh Mayfield, has recently published a YouTube video which clearly explains how the various Windows 10 upgrade components impact on the system; how they work, what they do, etc. If you’re at all interested in learning more about Microsoft’s persistent push for Windows 10, this is a must view video:


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4 thoughts on “Windows 10 Upgrade System Settings Explained”

  1. How can MicroSoft get away with treating their Customers like this.

    We are all Customers, since one way or another we have purchased from Microsoft an Operating System (7, 8/8.1) which they are maliciously attacking.

    Who else in the legitimate software world behaves like this?

    Our American friends useally sort out Corporate bullies with their legal system, can they not sort out MS?

    I have never felt inclined to dabble with Linux, but I feel the day is getting nearer!

    If only IBM had stuck with Digital Research?

  2. Speaking of updates, what is the proper procedure when an update FAILS? I had a couple fail recently and while I was scratching my head how to request the fix and install it again, MS realized it failed and about 5 days later sent those 2 fixes again and they then installed properly!

    Is that what MS expects us to do? Just sit tight on failed fixes and wait for them to rearrive? Fine by me but I’d prefer to take a proactive approach.

    1. what is the proper procedure when an update FAILS?

      Exactly, there is none, except to sit back, wait, and hope MS fixes it. Considering MS’s update history is littered with disasters, this enforced updates business is just ridiculous. I have always set updates to “notify”, and I’d wait a few days to a week to make sure there were no issues being reported before installing. Now that option has been completely removed. Good on ya MS!!

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